Abt Associates at AIDS 2012

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Assessing and Planning Planning for Human Resources for Health Toward More Sustainable Antiretroviral Therapy Treatment and HIV Counseling and Testing Services

Clinical Care Specialists: A Model for Integrated Service Delivery and Improved HIV Case Management

Combining Epidemiology Epidemiology and Economic Analysis to Inform the Response to the HIV Epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City until 2015

Critical Interventions along Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Care Flow to Improve Community Linkage with Private Clinics

Don’t Cost the Policy, Cost the Implementation Plan: Experiences in Costing National HIV Strategic Plans

Effectiveness of Positive Prevention Interventions in Four Provinces of Vietnam: Results of a Quality Evaluation

Evaluation of the Impact of HIV Prevention Programming Among IDUs in Northwestern Vietnam

Geospatial Mapping of Quality Measures of HIV Services in Nigeria: Variations between States and Services

Harmonizing Resource Tracking and Sustainability Planning to Strengthen HIV Policymaking: Case Study from Vietnam

Health System Assessments of the Sustainability of the HIV Response in the Eastern Caribbean

HIV Risk and HIV Prevention Among Female Sexual Partners of IDUs in Vietnam

Leveraging the Private Health Sector in the Context of Diminishing Donor Resources

Maximizing Private Sector Contributions to HIV/AIDS in Eastern Caribbean Countries

Opiod Substitution Treatment and HIV Prevention in Prision: Experience from Kyrgyzstan

Program Structure and Size Drive Efficiency: Using Community-Based Care Costing Data in Mozambique

Role of State and Community Policies on Prison Releasees' Linkage to HIV Care: Preliminary Findings

Supporting Clinical Care Teams (CCTs) to Improve Quality of ART Services in Zambia

Trends in HIV Prevalence among High-Risk Women Counseled and Tested at Mobile Testing Sites in Ethiopia