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At Home is a quarterly e-newsletter from the Housing & Communities Practice at Abt Associates. Here you'll find the latest research results & expert insights about housing & community development issues important to you.

Latest Issue:

May 2018

  • Abt’s Formative Evaluation Helps the Homeless in L.A.
  • Asset-Building Model for HUD’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program Shows Promise for Increasing Earnings and Building Financial Capability
  • How Do Hispanic Children Experience Homelessness?
  • A Critical Look at Subprime Housing Crisis Receives Best Article Award

    Read the May 2018 issue here.


Past Issues

January 2018

  • Website Synthesizes Best Evidence on Preventing and Ending Homelessness
  • What Have We Learned about Housing Recovery After Disaster Strikes?
  • What Does Financial Well-Being Look Like in America?
  • Success Stories from the Family Self-Sufficiency Program

    Read the January 2018 issue here.

July 2017

  • Brief: New Evidence on the Link Between Housing and Family Instability
  • To Make Progress on Housing, Break Down Those Walls!
  • Insights from a Flexible Housing Subsidy Program in Los Angeles
  • Administering an Effective Family Self-Sufficiency Program

    Read the July 2017 issue here.

March 2017

  • Study: Young Children Face Instability Even After Homelessness Ends
  • Want to Have an Impact on Housing Policy? Go Local!
  • Better Together: How Coordinating Public and Private Investments Can Play a Role in Ending Chronic Homelessness
  • The First-Time Homebuyer Education and Counseling Demonstration

    Read the March 2017 issue here.

December 2016

  • Which Approaches Can Best Help Families Experiencing Homelessness?
  • Expenses: the Neglected Half of the Household Budget
  • Report on Homelessness in America Finds Continued Overall Decline
  • Watch: HUD Secretary Comments on Study’s Role in Establishing Evidence on Ways to Reduce Homelessness

    Read the December 2016 issue here.

Fall 2016

  • What Happens to Adolescents Who Experience Family Homelessness? New Research Brief Sheds Light
  • The Private Housing Market: Friend or Foe?
  • What a New Study Tells Us about Homebuyer Education and Counseling
  • Making Progress in Ending Veteran Homelessness

    Read the Fall 2016 issue here.

Spring 2016

  • Are Homeless Families Connected to the Social Safety Net?
  • Local Governments Lead the Way on Affordable Housing, Minimum Wage Reform
  • Cutting the Red Tape: Report Explores New Strategies for Improving Land Development Review and Approval
  • Video Diaries: A New Tool for Deeper Understanding

    Read the Spring 2016 issue here.

Winter 2016

  • HUD’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program: What Did We Learn?
  • Can a Policy Innovation Help Families in Public Housing Build Assets and Increase Their Earnings?
  • New Report Provides Snapshot of Homelessness in America
  • HUD At 50: Book Explores an Agency’s Evolution

    Read the Winter 2016 issue here.

Fall 2015

  • The Value of Vouchers: New Study Confirms Effectiveness of Vouchers in Helping Homeless Families
  • In House by Jeffrey Lubell: New Evidence on the Effects of Housing Assistance on Adult and Child Well-Being
  • Neighborhoods in Need: Stabilizing Neighborhoods During the Economic Downturn
  • Focus on Foreclosures: What Role Do Mortgages Play in U.S. Home Foreclosure Market?

    Read the Fall 2015 issue here.

Summer 2015

  • Behind the Numbers: Estimating the Cost of HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • In House by Jeffrey Lubell: Preserving and Expanding Affordable Housing in Neighborhoods with Rising Rents and Home Prices
  • Analysis of Neighborhood Stabilization Program shows Mixed Results
  • Location, Location, Location! Measurable Benefits For Residents of Public Housing Developments Located in High-Income Neighborhoods

    Read the Summer 2015 issue here.

Spring 2015

  • In House by Jeffery Lubell: Making the Most of Limited Housing Funding
  • Decline in U.S. Homelessness According to Abt Report
  • Moving To Work Innovations Report
  • Profile of Maine’s Older Population and Housing Stock

    Read the Spring 2015 issue here.

Fall 2014

  • In House by Jeffery Lubell: Taking Housing Linkages Seriously
  • Homelessness Continues to Decline in the US- Especially Among Veterans
  • HUD Releases Data Set on Assisted Housing and Homelessness
  • New Reports on Medicaid Expansion and Homelessness

    Read the Fall 2014 issue here.

Summer 2014

  • Jill Khadduri's take on fresh ideas for evaluating whether housing programs work
  • Final installment of Jeffrey Lubell's column on an "End Game for Meeting America’s Rental Housing Needs"
  • An introduction to SSVF University—an inclusive online compilation of homelessness research, toolkits, and training resources
  • News about a national online resource to aid economically distressed cities

    Read the Summer 2014 issue here.

Spring 2014

  • New Study Discusses Efforts by PHAs to Assist People Experiencing Homelessness
  • Counting Homeless Populations with Secretary Donovan
  • Counting DC's Homeless...Data Became People
  • In House, a column by Jeffrey Lubell, Abt's Director of Housing Initiatives, "What's the End Game for Meeting America's Rental Housing Needs? Part II"

    Read the Spring 2014 issue here.


Fall 2013

  • Homelessness in America Continues Downward Trend, Abt Study Finds
  • Abt Supports MassHousing in Developing 
    New Strategic 
  • Launch of Pilot for First-Time Homebuyer Study
  • In House, a column by Jeffrey Lubell, Abt's Director of Housing Initiatives, "What's the End Game for Meeting America's Rental Housing Needs?" 

Summer 2013

  • NYC's Homebase Program Is Helping At-Risk Families Stay out of Shelter, Saving Tax Dollars, Study Finds
  • Abt Helps LA Plan for Communities of Opportunity: Bernanke Highlights Plan in Recent Speech
  • Homelessness Avoided for Most Veteran Families Served by VA Program, Report Finds
  • Jeffrey Lubell, Abt's Director of Housing Initiatives, Published his Inaugural Column, In House

       Read the Summer 2013 issue here.

Spring 2013

  • Prominent Housing and Community Development Expert to Join Abt Associates
  • Can States Create a Better Balance between High-Opportunity and Low-Income Locations of LIHTC Developments?
  • Homeless Assistance Programs Face Constraints, Exclude Many Vulnerable Families, Interim Study Finds
  • What Would the Housing Choice Voucher Program Cost If It Served All of the Neediest Households?

    Read the Spring 2013 issue here.


Winter 2013

  • Homelessness in America Declining, Abt Study Finds, with Commentary by Tom Albanese
  • Disaster Victims Give Alternative Housing a 'Thumbs Up,' but Program Operators Find it Challenging, with Commentary by Gretchen Locke
  • Meryl Finkel, Ph.D., Appointed Housing & Communities Practice Leader

    Read the Winter 2013 issue here.

Fall 2012

  • Stable Housing Is Key to Good Health, Panelists at Abt Forum Agree
  • The End of Rent Restrictions, with Commentary by Meryl Finkel
  • Outcomes of Foreclosure Counseling, with Commentary by Anna Jefferson

    Read the Fall 2012 issue here.

Summer 2012

  • Stable Housing Is Key to Good Health, Panelists at Abt Forum Agree
  • The End of Rent Restrictions, with Commentary by Meryl Finkel
  • Outcomes of Foreclosure Counseling, with Commentary by Anna Jefferson

    Read the Summer 2012 issue here.


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