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At Work is an e-newsletter featuring the latest Abt research results and expert insights on career pathways and other employment and training strategies, as well as on adult education and income security issues.

Latest Issue:

Winter 2018

  • Groundbreaking Findings: New Report Finds CBO-Community College Partnership Increased College Success for Low-Income Students.
  • New Faces: Andrew Clarkwest, Senior Associate for Social & Economic Policy
  • What We're Talking About: The Promise of Rapid Cycle Evaluation

           Read the Winter 2018 issue here.


Past issues:

Fall 2017

  • Groundbreaking Findings: A Bridge to Success in San Diego: New Insights from the Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE) Evaluation
  • Can We Predict the Future? The Promise of Predictive Analytics and Recommender Systems
  • First Look: Helping Low-Income Women Seek Training in Healthcare


Spring 2017

  • Groundbreaking Findings: Early Impacts from the Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education Evaluation
  • Two Briefs Explore Case Management and Eligibility/Outreach Practices in Healthcare Career Pathways
  • Developing a Vision for Statewide Career Pathways Systems

Winter 2017

  • Groundbreaking Findings: Impacts of Career Pathways Programs
  • Implementing Job Search Assistance Strategies for UI Recipients
  • Tracking the Federal Government’s First “Pay for Success” Model

Fall 2016

  • Learning Together: Building Stronger Practitioner-Researcher Partnerships
  • What Career Pathway Participants Say about Challenges They Face
  • Risk Factors for College Success: Insights from Nine Career Pathways Programs

Summer 2016

  • College for All? Then Create Better Pathways for Low-Income Adults
  • How Can the U.S. Help Workers Get on Paths to Good Jobs?
  • Addressing the Need for Evidence on Career Pathways Models

Fall 2015

  • HPOG Early Outcomes: High Rates of Training Participation and Completion
  • PACE Offers First Randomized Control Trial of Career Pathways
  • What are the Experiences of TANF Recipients in the HPOG Program?

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