Data Analytics and Visualization

Abt Associates has more than 50 years of experience analyzing and presenting data in visual and interactive formats.

We are a full-service technology, data, and innovation partner who creates revolutionary solutions for pressing problems around the globe. These include halting the spread of the Zika virus, helping hospitals improve their support for breastfeeding, and helping farmers in South Sudan get the best possible prices for their crops.

Making Data Meaningful

We can help you tell a story by turning your raw information into actionable, inviting, and interactive visualizations. We offer advanced analytics and large-scale data management for client and public consumption. We also develop customized solutions to suit clients’ data needs, including web-based applications, automated data harmonization, and interactive data reporting.

We have developed hundreds of data services, including national indicator and scorecard dashboards, district level reporting sites, disease surveillance tracking systems, laboratory machine reporting networks, supervisor dashboards for monitoring clinics, insurance registration and payment systems, clinical supervisor mobile apps, cloud-based field logistics tracking systems, and clinical outcomes sites.

We embrace the agile development methodology, a time-boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally. Our teams focus on user-centered design to ensure that what we are delivering the best overall customer experience.

Our team includes:
  • Data scientists skilled in methods for receiving, merging, and analyzing large and complex data sources;
  • Economists and statisticians experienced in a range of topics such as climate change, agricultural markets, and geospatial analysis; and
  • Data product designers with skills in communications, web design, infographics, and interactive visualizations.
  • Experts in the areas of information technology systems support, application development, websites, and mobile applications who can build the tools necessary to help clients turn raw data into actionable insights.

Our Work

Using Data Science to Understand Zika Awareness Messages on Social Media

Working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Domestic Readiness Initiative on Zika Virus Disease, we developed a social media campaign to educate and support travelers. The system pushed awareness messages through social media, provided to do lists, packing lists, risk and prevention information, and local disease risk profiles. We sent SMS health updates on health concerns using a multi-lingual, two-way SMS platform that we had developed for illness surveillance in Peru. In addition to standard social media monitoring, we employed rapid-cycle machine learning techniques to identify key influencers in public discussion, trending topics, public sentiment around topics and awareness materials, and success or failure of messages to move through social media.

Our team used real-time and custom-made social media monitoring tools to assess and influence the conversation around Zika for the Olympics traveling audience. The monitoring included trending topics and conversations, the sentiment of the conversation, the reach of CDC Zika messaging, the spread of misinformation, key influencers, and opportunities to engage the target audiences of U.S. travelers, and the Olympics and Paralympics delegations and attendees.

Are Hospitals Making Progress toward Becoming ‘Baby Friendly’?

The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, founded by World Health Organization and UNICEF in 1991, is an effort to improve the hospital support for new mothers who want to breastfeed. Hospitals are eligible to be certified as Baby Friendly if they achieve benchmarks relating to providing evidence-based maternity care with the goal of achieving optimal infant feeding outcomes and mother/baby bonding.

Abt Associates, working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, designed and developed a monitoring measures tool that enables hospital staff to enter neonatal care data and visualize that information in real time against benchmarks. This allows participating hospitals to identify where to focus training and resources in pursuit of a Baby Friendly Hospital certification.

Monitoring Health Care Service Delivery Improvements in Malawi

This interactive tool – created for the USAID-funded Malawi Support for Service Delivery Integration – Systems (SSDI-Systems) Project – displays public health survey data, regularly collected via smartphones, across the nation of Malawi. This application informs the allocation of government resources in pursuit of improved public access to basic health services.

Streamlining and Securing Audits of Correctional and Confinement Facilities

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) requires correctional and confinement facilities to prevent, detect, and respond to inmate sexual abuse. These facilities must undergo an audit at least every three years to measure their compliance with the act.

Abt – working for the PREA Resource Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance – built the PREA Online Audit System, which streamlines the process of auditing states’ compliance with these audits. The system enables correctional agencies and confinement facilities to electronically upload critical agency or facility information to a secure site so auditors can review this information prior to their audit, later complete an audit report with their findings, and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

The new system increases transparency and provides greater efficiency for auditors and correctional and confinement facilities as they complete the entire audit process.

How Much are Farmers in South Sudan Earning for Their Crops?

This interactive tool – created by Abt for the USAID-funded Food, Agribusiness, and Rural Markets II Project – monitors agricultural commodity prices in real time across South Sudan, as a means to support technical assistance efforts to improve local farmers’ earning poential.


Data Capture and Surveys
With our big-picture view and bold thinkers, we can look across your data, quickly assess your needs, and apply the most effective methodologies and technologies to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, such as limiting the spread of tuberculosis.
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Driving Social Impact with Technology and Data
Abt Associates’ Data Science, Surveys, and Enabling Technologies practice has deep experience in developing and capturing high-quality data via complex surveys, administrative data, social media and sensor information, and the ability to normalize, analyze, and transform data into actionable insights
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