Food Security & Agriculture

Abt alleviates poverty and hunger by helping developing countries increase their capacity to produce, access, and use food. We reduce people’s vulnerability to climate change and degraded environmental conditions to ensure that women and men benefit fully from sustainable economic growth.

International Food Access & Supply

Abt Associates implements projects that boost agricultural productivity, streamline domestic and regional markets, and improve the enabling environment — all leading to more and better food available for all populations.

Value Chain Development

Abt enables stakeholders all along the value chain—such as producers, assemblers, processors, transporters, financers, wholesalers, retailers, and exporters—to satisfy market demands and accelerate economic growth. Our experts provide analysis, improve business relationships, and enhance producers’ abilities to increase productivity. Ultimately, we create an enabling business environment to add the most value to an agricultural product.

Climate Change & Natural Resource Management

Abt Associates addresses diverse issues involved in climate change by drawing upon national and international experts in climate science, energy, transportation, waste, and land use policy, economic growth, human health, ecosystem protection, and agriculture.

Inclusive Economic Growth

Abt accelerates inclusive growth to reduce global hunger and poverty. We measure progress through increases in agricultural production, in agricultural value-added per person, and in the incomes of men and women in rural areas—including families and communities who are vulnerable and very poor.


Abt’s competitiveness team focuses on enterprises along specific value chains. We provide hands-on training and technical assistance in business planning and operations, marketing, trade agreements, exporting, supply chain management, and business-friendly policy-making. We help producers, agricultural business and trade associations, consulting firms, and service providers forge linkages that open access to markets. Our experts concentrate on trade and investment; access to finance; private sector strengthening and partnerships; and workforce development.

U.S. Food Security

Abt provides the U.S. Department of Agriculture with critical information on the operations and performance of its nutrition assistance programs. We evaluate the implementation and impact, as well as the cost, operations, and program integrity of nutrition assistance and promotion programs.