11/20/11 - Want to Lead? Learn to Nurture Your Butterflies New York Times

  Abt Associates CEO Kathleen Flanagan was featured in the New York Times' "Corner Office" column, in which Adam Bryant interviews CEOs about the challenges of leadership and growing strong companies.    
11/19/11 - Foreign Policy Funding A Top Candidate For Cuts NPR.org

Jay Knott, Executive Vice President of Global Business at Abt Associates, talks with NPR about the effect budget cuts may have on foreign aid.
11/2/11 - Why is infant mortality still a U.S. problem? CNN.com

If a measure of a successful society is its ability to prevent infant deaths, then there is an ugly truth in the United States today that public health officials know but the public largely does not: Too many of our babies are dying, and they don’t have to, writes Abt Associates’ Deborah Klein Walker.  
10/23/11 - Foreign Aid Serves U.S. Interests 'Readers Respond,' The Baltimore Sun

CEO Kathleen Flanagan provides perspective on how foreign aid serves U.S. interests in a letter to The Baltimore Sun.
10/20/11 - USAID and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Join Forces to Help Coffee Growing Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean USAID Impact Blog

In honor of public-private partnerships (PPP) week, the 4th Sector Health project, led by Abt, was spotlighted on USAID's Impact Blog. 4th Sector Health  is working in communities within coffee-growing regions in Nicaragua and Honduras to improve food security, income generation potential, and health.
10/13/11 - Caregiving’s Hidden Benefits 'The New Old Age' blog, New York Times

Does the act of caregiving have hidden benefits? New studies suggest that caregivers can gain both physical and mental benefits. Read what Abt’s Rosanna Bertrand has to say about the cognitive benefits of caregiving.
8/15/11 - Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Times of Crisis EmergencyMgmt.com

Kim Stephens, senior associate addresses the role fo social media in the emergency management community.
7/26/11 - Voters Still Blame Bush For Economy, Poll Says National Journal

This ABC News/Washington Post poll of 1,001 adults asked, "Does the Democratic argument that George W. Bush's policies are responsible for the nation's economic plight still have legs, more than two years after he left office?" Abt SRBI provided sampling, data collection and tabulation for the survey.
6/27/11 - Rhode Island A Model for HIV/AIDS Testing and Treatment in Prisons Nationwide Corrections.com

Abt's Liza Solomon acts as co-principal investigator on a project that will focus on improving the link between HIV-positive inmates and HIV care following release from incarceration.  
6/23/11 - US Development Contractors Join Forces for Stronger Voice in Development Debate Devex.com

Abt Associates and fifty-one of the largest international development contractors in the United States launched a coalition in a bid to better highlight their role in U.S. development efforts overseas and have a stronger voice in development-focused discussions.
6/9/11 - How Social Media Is Changing Disaster Response Time.com

Kim Stephens, a senior associate at Abt Associates and an emergency-management expert, comments on how social media can be used during or in the aftermath of a disaster.
6/1/11 - Massachusetts health reform didn't cut ER visits Reuters.com

Kathy Fuda, senior associates & scientist and former state health worker who researched emergency room use, provides commentary on a study (not conducted by Abt Associates) which examined Massachusetts health reform and the effect it's had on emergency room visits.
6/1/11 - Note From Mali: Behavior Change Approach Improves Agricultural Outcomes Microlinks.org

Stephen Rahaim's "note from the field" outlines Abt's Agricultural Behavior Change (AgBC) approach and its impact in Mali.
3/23/11 - Abt Associates: 'Innovation Driven by Evidence, Experience, and Collboration' Devex.com

Abt Associates was selected as a Devex Top 40 Development Innovator based on a poll of thousands of global development professionals who are part of Devex, the largest network of aid and relief workers in the world.
3/20/11 - Don't Let Earthquake Dissuade Nuclear Power The Hilton Head Island Packet

Abt Associates has been issuing reports since the early 1990s analyzing this issue. It reports that today, 21,000 premature deaths a year are blamed on our coal-fired power plants.
3/19/11 - NN to send 'johns' to school DailyPress.com

The oldest john school is in San Francisco, which between 1995 and 2008 had nearly 5,800 men go through the program, according to a 2008 report by Abt Associates, Inc. Communities with john schools reported sharp drops in recidivism rates.
3/15/11 - Can Mexico Lead the Way in Proving Carbon Cuts? Scientific American

They contacted Abt Associates, a government consultancy that's based in the United States and has contracts with the U.S. Agency for International Development and U.S. EPA. Mexico wanted a system that was on the Internet, easy to use, and guaranteed to have trustworthy data.
3/15/11 - How to Protect Foreign Aid? New York Times

This opinion piece by Tina Rosenberg quotes an Abt Associates study of the GAVI's pay-for-performance model.
3/14/11 - Treating mental illness in primary care -- and still getting paid. American Medical News

Quotes from Danna Mauch, PhD, principal associate and scientist with Abt Associates. She is also the lead author of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report, "Reimbursement of Mental Health Services in Primary Care Settings."
2/24/11 - Career Connection Series: The Pleasures and Perils of Working from Home: Is Telework for You? disability.gov

Abt's Raymond E. Glazier contributed this guest blog post to disability.gov.
2/23/11 - The green and the black City Pulse

This article by Lawrence Cosentino explores MSU's move towards energy transition and quotes a 2008 study by Abt Associates which, "linked over 13,000 deaths each year to fine particle pollution from U.S. power plants."
2/10/11 - HIV testing of pupils a dangerous option. The Sowetan

Although its findings were never officially made public, the Abt report found that HIV prevalence among teachers was 12,5 percent in 2000 and was projected to reach 30 percent by 2015.
2/8/11 - Less paperwork means more free lunches. UPI.com

The Abt/U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service study said health insurance records already submitted by families may be used to validate low-income students' eligibility for meal benefits, the global health and social policy research company said.
1/7/11 - Bethesda research office tackles Vietnam vets' PTSD. Gazette.net

A three-year, $6.6 million contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs will pick up where the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study left off in 1986 and 1987, said William Schlenger, a principal scientist at Abt Associates of Cambridge, Mass., and director of the new study