12/21/13 - PSC Elects New Leadership for 2014 Washington Technology

Abt Associates President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan was named secretary of the Professional Services Council, which represents the government services sector. Flanagan’s appointment helped push the council to its highest-ever proportion of female leadership.
12/20/13 - Lithium-Sulfur to Dominate EV Battery Market? Environmental Leader

An Abt Associates analysis of the environmental impact of various types of batteries was quoted in a news article about the potential for a new type of battery to extend the range of electric cars.
12/17/13 - A Drop in Opposition to Obamacare Helps Stabilize a Struggling Presidency ABC News

A poll conducted by Abt SRBI found that 49 percent of Americans surveyed in mid-December opposed the Affordable Care Act, down from 57 percent in November.
12/12/13 - ‘Our Politicians Have Not Recognized Health Issues as Their Problem’ The Guardian (Nigeria)

Mike Egboh, director of the Abt Associates-led Partnership for Transforming Health Systems Phase II (PATHS2), summarized in an interview the achievements of the project during the last six years.
12/12/13 - The Age of (Too Much?) Information Babson Magazine

Jeff Takle, Abt Associates’ director of innovation, was quoted in a magazine story about the power of data. Farmers in Sudan, for example, often received below-market prices for their crops because they didn’t know the going price for anywhere outside of a 10-mile radius.
12/9/13 - Despite Mass. Law, Sex Trade Clients Seldom Punished Boston Globe

Michael Shively, Abt Associates senior associate, said during an interview that a 2011 Massachusetts law that increased penalties on men convicted of paying for sex with women has not had the expected impact on the commercial sex trade, partly because police efforts have been hampered by inadequate funding and manpower and a lack of follow-through in the courts.
12/5/13 - So Far Yet So Close Washington SmartCEO

Abt Associates President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan spoke about the challenge of keeping a 2,700-person global workforce connected and acting as a unified group.
12/3/13 - How Collaboration, Making an Impact Drive Abt’s Kathleen Flanagan Washington Technology

Abt Associates President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan said during an interview that collaboration has been a key to Abt’s success at achieving its mission of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of individuals worldwide.
12/3/13 - Recruiters: Always Ask That Back Pocket Question Devex

Karen Amatangelo-Block, director of global recruiting at Abt Associates, was interviewed about the skills and tactics that great interviewers use.
11/29/13 - Health System Strengthening II in Jordan Yes’ed Sabahak

The Abt Associates-led, USAID funded Health System Strengthening II project in Jordan was discussed by Dr. Ali Arbaji of USAID Jordan on the national morning JTV show Yes’ed Sabahak.
11/26/13 - 3 Good (and 3 Not-So-Good) Uses for HUD’s New Data on Location Affordability Shelterforce

In this blog for Shelterforce, Jeffrey Lubell, Abt’s director of housing initiatives, describes the Location Affordability Portal, a new website launched by HUD and the Department of Transportation for the purpose of sharing information on the combined costs of housing and transportation. Lubell presents “six initial ideas on how to use (or not use) the information.”
11/20/13 - Nigeria’s Health Sector Needs Re-engineering — Egboh Sunrise Daily

Hospitals in Nigeria are not built where they will be used to their full capacity, said Mike Egboh, chief of party for PATHS2, during a television interview. PATHS2 is led by Abt Associates and funded by the U.K. Department for International Development.
11/17/13 - State Effort To Target Demand Side Of Prostitution Stalls WGBH News (Boston)

A decline in the conviction of prostitution solicitors in Massachusetts has a few causes, including the migration of prostitution from street corners to the internet and private homes, said Michael Shively, PhD, senior associate at Abt Associates. Shively manages a research web site for Abt Associates – DemandForum.net – which offers offer comprehensive information on the more than 900 city and county initiatives in the U.S that aim to combat prostitution by getting men to stop buyin...
11/17/13 - Abt Researcher Interviewed by WGBH (Boston) on Combating Prostitution WGBH News

Michael Shively, PhD, senior associate at Abt Associates, was interviewed on WGBH-TV about his research tracking methods of curbing demand for prostitution.
11/15/13 - Mental Health: The Unfinished Business of Civil Rights Roll Call

We have made much progress in the last 50 years on equality for people with mental illnesses, writes Danna Mauch, Abt Associates principal associate, in an op-ed. But much work remains on ensuring equal treatment for people with mental illnesses regarding health care, human services and housing.
11/14/13 - In Economically Improving Neighborhoods, the Rising Tide Lifts Some Boats Higher Than Others Huffington Post

Jeffrey Lubell, director of Housing Initiatives at Abt Associates, and Todd Grindal, associate/scientist at Abt, wrote a blog post about a new study that found that girls who lived in economically improving neighborhoods had much higher high school graduation rates than their male counterparts.
11/11/13 - Zambia: Study - Malaria-Control Efforts in Zambia Associated With Reduced Costs, Malaria-Related Admissions in Two Hospitals allAfrica

An Abt Associates study – the first to provide a comprehensive understanding of how malaria-control efforts affect a hospital's malaria-related admissions and costs – found that admissions for malaria in two hospitals in Zambia declined and one hospital's spending on malaria-related admissions decreased by 10 percentage points when malaria control activities were scaled up.
11/11/13 - The Nokia 1100 Model of Health Insurance for the Poor – Ready to Catch the Wave? Microinsurance Network

Several African countries – including Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi and Ethiopia – are working on low-cost private health insurance for the masses. Thierry van Bastelaer, a senior fellow at Abt Associates, writes about the connection between low-cost health insurance and the success of the rugged Nokia 1100, the best-selling cell phone in the world.
11/8/13 - Abt Associates CEO Kathleen Flanagan Named Executive of the Year Sacramento Bee

Abt Associates President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan was named Executive of the Year by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce and the Professional Services Council, the national trade association of the government professional and technical services industry. The award recognizes a government contracting executive who made outstanding contributions to their company, the community and the government contracting industry during the past year.
11/7/13 - Putting Women at the Center: Why Family Planning Must Address Social Barriers Devex

Expanding access to family planning services can improve the health and economic well-being of women worldwide, said James Gribble – principal associate and expert in monitoring and evaluation, reproductive health and family planning at Abt Associates – in an op-ed.
11/6/13 - Abt Associates Receives CDC Contract to Study Flu Vaccine Vaccine News Daily

Abt Associates, which holds three contracts with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study flu vaccine effectiveness, has won a $51.6 million contract to study the effectiveness of the flu vaccine in multiple settings, including inpatient, outpatient, pregnant women and infants.
11/2/13 - Fewer Men Are Paying For Sex, Survey Suggests Los Angeles Times

A news story about the reasons fewer men say they are paying for sex quoted Michael Shively, Abt Associates senior associate. Shively said in the era of Internet hacking, prostitution clients may just be more worried about their answers being released, even on an anonymous survey.
10/29/13 - The Green Team: The Fourth Annual Bethesda Magazine Green Awards, Held in Partnership with Bethesda Green Bethesda Magazine

Bethesda Magazine gave Abt Associates a Green Award for Abt’s comprehensive efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The award recognizes businesses or nonprofits that have significantly incorporated green practices into their culture and operations.
10/28/13 - How Global Growth Can Mean More Opportunity for Abt Associates Staff Devex

In a video interview, Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan said that Abt is leveraging company capabilities by focusing on collaborative work spaces, knowledge sharing, and innovation grants to bring people together from across the company.
10/28/13 - McAuliffe Opens Up Double-Digit Lead Over Cuccinelli in Virginia Governor’s Race Washington Post

A poll by Abt SRBI for the Washington Post finds that 51 percent of likely voters prefer Virginia Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe, while 39 percent prefer Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis is at eight percent.
10/25/13 - How the World's Biggest Donors Tackle Impact Measurement Devex

Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan, speaking in a video interview, said that Abt’s major clients are using increasingly similar methods to measure the effectiveness of projects.
10/23/13 - Kathleen Flanagan on Abt's 'Surgical' Approach to Localization Devex

Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan, speaking in a video interview, explained Abt’s approach to the localization of its work. Flanagan cited a project in the Dominican Republic, which was transitioned to entirely local control in three years.
10/22/13 - Approval of Congress Hits 40-Year Low AP

An ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted by Abt SRBI found that just 12 percent of Americans approve of its Congress’ performance, while 85 percent disapprove – Congress’ worst rating in an ABC/Post polls since 1989 and Gallup polls before then dating to 1974.
10/21/13 - L.A. Officials Consider ‘Dear John’ Letters to Curb Prostitution AirTalk (89.3 KPCC)

Abt Associates Senior Associate Michael Shively, in an on-air interview, spoke about the police tactic of discouraging prostitution by sending letters to men observed in a neighborhood with high rates of prostitution.
10/21/13 - Namibia: Business Decision Makers' 2013 Survey On HIV/Aids Launched Namibian Economist

The Abt Associates-led Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project is working with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and others to survey leaders from 50 companies from various sectors of the economy on how their businesses are working to combat HIV and AIDS in the workplace.
10/18/13 - How Recruiters Can Foster and Learn from Local Initiatives Devex

A story about development organizations hiring local employees quoted Abt Associates Vice President of Human Resources John Ruyter, who said that of Abt’s 500 employees working on 20 projects in East Africa, 90 percent are local country or regional nationals.
10/18/13 - Women are McAuliffe’s Advantage — and Biggest Challenge — in Governor’s Race Washington Post

A story about the disengagement of younger women from the Virginia governor’s race cited a poll conducted by Abt SRBI that found 45 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 49 were “absolutely certain” that they would vote in November, compared with 72 percent of women over the age of 50.
10/17/13 - Doctor Shoppers Make Up Nearly 1% of Patients Buying Prescription Opioids Pain Medicine News

An estimated 135,000 patients—one of every 143 (0.7 percent)—who purchased opioids in the United States in 2008 were presumed "doctor shoppers," according to a study by Abt Associates researchers.
10/17/13 - You Can't Have One Without the Other: Why the Private Sector Matters in Reaching UHC Devex

While the public sector has a critical role to play in achieving universal health coverage in developing countries, this goal will not be achieved without the private sector, wrote Thierry van Bastelaer, a senior fellow at Abt Associates, in an op-ed.
10/16/13 - Consumers, Food Security Experts at Odds Over Solutions to Global Hunger AgriMarketing

A news story about methods to reduce hunger and malnutrition quoted John Lamb, senior fellow and principal associate for Agriculture and Food Security at Abt Associates, saying that a country’s GDP could be reduced by two or three points if its entire population experiences chronic hunger and malnutrition.
10/8/13 - Key Lessons on Expanding the School Day Boston Globe

An Abt Associates study evaluating expanded learning time (ELT) models across the Massachusetts – which added three to four hours to school days – showed that “more of the same” instruction does not deliver the desired academic gains. An op-ed by six Boston-area school administrators agreed, saying that the academic gains from ELT were possible because schools increased professional development and instructional practices and ensured student needs were better met.
10/7/13 - The Next Stage of Global Development Goals Must Include a Focus on Early Childhood Development Huffington Post

When United Nations member nations gather in a few months to set their 2030 global development goals, they should include a focus on early childhood development, writes Todd Grindal, associate at Abt Associates, in an op-ed he co-authored.
10/7/13 - Prevention First: Invest in Public Health to Make the ACA Successful Huffington Post

Deborah Klein Walker, Abt Associates vice president and senior fellow, writes in an op-ed that improving access to health care through the Affordable Care Act is only the first step toward improving our health outcomes. More public health efforts are needed to improve our behavior, which accounts for more than half of health outcomes.
9/29/13 - Did Your Doc Get a Flu Shot? Yahoo Health

Increasingly more health care personnel are getting flu shots, according to an annual online survey performed by Abt Associates. The survey, conducted in the first two weeks of April 2013, found that 72 percent of health care workers received a flu shot during the 2012-13 flu season, compared with 66.9 percent during the 2011-12 season and the 63.5 percent in 2010-11.
9/23/13 - Polls: Single Digit Race in Crucial Gubernatorial Battle CNN Politics

A poll conducted by Abt SRBI for the Washington Post from Sept. 19-22 found that Democrat Terry McAuliffe is leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race by 47 percent to 39 percent among likely voters, with Libertarian Robert Sarvis polling at 10 percent.
9/22/13 - Georgians Dislike Health Law but Favor Key Provisions Atlanta Journal Constitution

While 57 percent of Georgians polled said they have an unfavorable view of the Affordable Care Act, a majority support provisions in the law allowing children to stay on their parents’ health insurance to age 26 and requiring insurers to offer coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, according to a survey conducted by Abt SRBI for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Abt SRBI Analyst Seth Brohinsky said that a lack of familiarity with the law may be contributing to Georgians&rsqu...
9/12/13 - How to Use Land Sustainably Devex

In a news article about land rights and sustainable land use, Rodolfo Camacho, Abt vice president for International Economic Growth, said that climate change and water management are the two most pressing unresolved issues regarding sustainable land use.
9/6/13 - Closing the Low-Expectations Loophole for Students with Disabilities The Huffington Post

In his blog, Todd Grindal examines the dangerous consequences of low expectations for students with disabilities and the importance of the U.S. Department of Education’s recent move to include these students in the accountability system.
9/5/13 - Transit Grant Program Could Benefit Affordable Housing Housing Matters Smart Brief

This article introduces Jeffrey Lubell’s blog on changes to the Federal Transit Administration’s New Starts grant program that will provide financial incentives for communities to locate affordable housing near transit.
9/4/13 - Summertime Program Boosts Poor Kids’ Food Security, Nutritional Intake Food Navigator

The number of children experiencing very low food security dropped by one-third in the USDA-funded Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children program, according an Abt Associates study of the program.
9/2/13 - Out of the Office: Why Field Work is Crucial for Recruiters Devex

Recruiting strategies should be tailored to each country’s level of internet access and other conditions, said Leland Howard, a senior recruiter with Abt Associates, in a news story about the value of personal contact in recruiting.
8/31/13 - Retaining Affordable Housing Near Transit Just Got Easier PLANETIZEN

This article introduces Jeffrey Lubell’s blog as an examination of “a little noticed federal policy change that could help mitigate transit-oriented gentrification.”
8/29/13 - Could Transportation Policy Transform Affordable Housing? Shelterforce

New federal transportation grant guidelines will provide financial incentives for communities to preserve affordable housing near planned transit stations and ensure that other developments in these areas includes affordable housing, writes Abt Director of Housing Initiatives Jeffrey Lubell in a blog post.
8/20/13 - $1 Homes Revitalize Cities? The Huffington Post

Abt Associates’ Director of Housing Initiatives Jeff Lubell, during an appearance on HuffPost Live, discussed the best ways for broken cities to rebound in the housing market.
8/19/13 - For Students with Disabilities, Career and Technical Education Programs Offer More than Just a Trade The Huffington Post

Abt Associates’ Todd Grindal, in a blog he co-authored, discussed the advantages of career and technical education and the benefits of such programs for students with disabilities and students who do not want to attend college.
8/12/13 - Wide Treatment Variances Seen With ADHD Drugs HealthDay News

An article discussing the results of a study conducted by Abt Associates’Douglas C. McDonald, PhD, and Sarah Kuck Jalbert said the researchers found that there was wide variance in treatment prevalence of ADHD among states, and the variation among counties was even wider.
8/7/13 - Magpi: Providing Low-Cost Access to Real-Time Health Data The Guardian

An article discussing a software program called Magpi, which enables data collection in rural, remote communities through the use of cell phones, mentioned Abt Associates as being one of the first companies to purchase the technology.
8/3/13 - Boston Schools Launch Meals on Wheels to Reach Students The Boston Globe

Providing meals to children from low-income families during the summer reduces the rate of ‘very low food security,’ according to a study led by Abt Associates cited in an article about a Boston School Department program that serves lunches to students in need.
8/2/13 - Quality of NYS Nursing Homes Improves Newsday

An article about nursing homes in New York shared a study conducted by Abt Associates which shows that though their overall quality has improved, the number of highly ranked facilities in the state has decreased.
8/1/13 - Avon, Amway...Africa?: Can the Direct Sales Agent Model Work for Health Goods at the BoP? NextBillion

An interview discussing a study funded by Abt Associates’ Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project outlined the effectiveness of direct sales agent models in Africa and the challenges of using them to promote bottom of the pyramid (BoP) health care.
8/1/13 - Strategies for Fighting Prostitution WOSU 89.7

Abt Senior Associate Michael Shively was a guest on All Sides with Ann Fisher, where he discussed how targeting the customers can help crack down on prostitution and clean up a city.
7/30/13 - Majority of Nursing Home Hospitalizations Avoidable: Study McKnight’s Long Term Care News

An article highlighted a study conducted in part by Abt Associates which concluded that a majority of avoidable nursing home hospitalizations were caused by infections, injuries, and congestive heart failure.
7/26/13 - Afghan War Fatigue Hits New High, Matching Levels Last Seen in Iraq ABC News

An article about the changing attitudes toward the war in Afghanistan used sampling, data collection and tabulation by Abt-SRBI to show that the percentage of Americans who believe the war has not been worth fighting reached an all-time high. 
7/25/13 - Millions of Opioid Prescriptions Go to 'Doctor Shoppers' Medscape News

An article about the first national estimate of opioid medications obtained in the United States by ‘doctor shoppers,’ from researchers at Abt quoted Abt Principal Associate Douglas McDonald, who outlined the exponentially increasing problem and the holes in the system that allow for the practice in the United States. 
7/24/13 - Hospital Evacuation Decisions in Emergency Situations Journal of the American Medical Association

In a letter to the editor, posted in the March 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Abt’s Andrea Hassol and Tom Rich collaborated with Drs. Paul Biddinger and Richard Zane to describe the Abt-developed tools that can assist hospital administrators in making evacuation decisions and assessing their damaged facilities in the event of a natural disaster.
7/22/13 - Vast Racial Gap on Trayvon Martin Case Marks a Challenging Conversation ABC News

In an article about differences in opinion on the Trayvon Martin case, sampling, data collection and tabulation performed by Abt-SRBI was used to show that African-Americans are more likely than whites to disapprove of the verdict and to favor federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.
7/22/13 - Solving Family Homelessness New York Daily News

In an article about how to tackle family homelessness in New York City, an evaluation of the city’s HomeBase program conducted by Abt Associates showed that doing more to assist families with housing is both possible and financially advantageous.
7/21/13 - Aviation Protocol Moves to Nursing Homes Connecticut Post

An article discussing TeamSTEPPS for Long-Term Care, a training protocol program which Abt Associates contributed to developing, outlined ways in which a few simple steps can save lives in hospitals and nursing homes.
7/19/13 - Controversy in K-12 Aside, For-Profits Are Big Players in Nation's Preschools Education Week

An essay on for-profit providers in early childhood programs by Abt Associates’ Todd Grindal was the subject of an Education Week blog. In the essay, published in the book “Private Enterprise and Public Education,” Grindal stresses the importance of considering the benefits that both public and for-profit entities bring to the pre-Kindergarten market.
7/18/13 - Doctor Shoppers: Small Number, Big Impact on Prescription Drug Abuse The Boston Globe

In an article covering his study surveying the impact of “doctor shopping” on prescription drug abuse, Abt Principal Associate Doug McDonald was quoted on the need to better monitor those patients filling prescriptions in multiple states.
7/17/13 - Services Improving At NC Nursing Homes WUNC Morning News

In an article discussing the improvements seen in North Carolina’s nursing homes, Abt Principal Associate Alan White, PhD., was quoted commenting on statistics that the rating system he helped design produced on the matter.
7/17/13 - Drug Addicts, Dealers Are 'Doctor Shopping' for Pain Pills HealthDay News

In an article about a “doctor shopping” study he co-authored, Abt Principal Associate Douglas McDonald was quoted on the effects of lacking a universal health record in the United States.
7/16/13 - Medicare Report Shows NC Nursing Home Quality News & Observer

An article about the conditions of North Carolina’s nursing homes quoted Abt Principal Associate Alan White, PhD., who commented on the state’s improved ratings.
7/16/13 - Rating System is Improving Nursing Homes Sarasota Herald-Tribune

An article covering the positive effects of a rating system on the quality of nursing homes in the United States quoted Abt Principal Associate Alan White, PhD., who worked with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to develop the system.
7/12/13 - The Challenge of Creating a Unified Organizational Strategy The New York Times

A column discussing the challenges that chief executives face quoted Abt’s President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan on how she successfully created a ‘one company’ culture.
7/11/13 - Nursing Home Quality Improves Under Five-Star Quality Rating System, Study Finds Long Term Living Magazine

A study conducted by Abt Associates determined that nearly all states saw an increase in four-star or five-star nursing facilities. Abt Principal Associate Alan White, PhD., who worked to develop the quality system, was quoted about the increase in consumer awareness and improvement in facility performance.
7/1/13 - Study: District Tutoring Outperforms Private-Sector Services Education Week

Students from low-income families attending low-performing schools who received more than 40 hours of additional tutoring performed better on math and reading assessments than those who received less than 40 hours per school year, according to a study conducted in part by Abt Associates.
7/1/13 - Poll: Most Have Favorable View of Metrorail NBC 4 Washington

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI for the Washington Post found that a majority of Washington-area residents continue to have favorable views of Metrorail, the region’s subway system.
6/27/13 - TIME Poll: What Makes Americans Happy? Time

A poll conducted by Abt SRBI for Time found that while 59 percent of Americans say they are happy most of the time, only half of Americans consider themselves optimists – significantly fewer than in 2004.
6/13/13 - New TIME Poll: Support for the Leaker and His Prosecution TIME

An Abt SRBI poll for TIME found that a majority of Americans support both a former intelligence contractor’s disclosure of a large government surveillance program and the prosecution of the leaker for his actions.
6/7/13 - How can USAID Improve on Procurement? Devex

A news story about the annual Society for International Development Conference, held on June 6 in Washington, D.C., quoted Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan on USAID’s progress on local capacity building.
6/6/13 - Abt JTA Discusses Its Health Programs in Papua New Guinea RESOURCE PNG

Abt JTA Mining and Industry Practice leader Geoff Scahill, in a video interview, discusses how Abt JTA works with mining and other resource companies to ensure that high quality health care is available.
6/5/13 - Micro Health Insurance: Chronicle of a Death Foretold? CGAP blog

Abt Senior Fellow Thierry van Bastelaer wrote about the potential for micro health insurance to be crowded out by successful public health insurance programs.
5/28/13 - Analysis Shows Life-Cycle Impacts of Lithium-Ion Batteries Science Business

  A news story focused on a comprehensive Abt analysis of the lithium-ion batteries, such as those used in electric vehicles. The study, conducted for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, found the batteries show promise to “fuel” these vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but there is room for improvement to reduce possible environmental and public health impacts.
5/20/13 - States Increasingly Mandate Special Autism Services Managed Care

A story about states mandating coverage for autism services quoted Abt Principal Associate William Schlenger, PhD., who conducted an impact analysis of an autism services mandate enacted in Pennsylvania.
5/20/13 - On Trust, Truth and Transparency Research

A column about the American Association for Public Opinion Research conference, held May 16-19 in Boston, mentioned Stas Kolenikov, a senior survey statistician with Abt SRBI, who gave a presentation at the event.
5/2/13 - Centerstone Partners with Unity Healthcare Payer News

Danna Mauch, PhD, Abt principal associate and scientist, was quoted about successful integrated care ventures in a news article about a joint venture between a primary care provider and community-based behavioral health provider in Tennessee.
4/30/13 - The Goal: Better Use of Patient-Reported Information HealthData Management

An Abt-led study for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will examine how health information technology supports or hinders the provision of care from the perspective of clinicians, office staff, and patients, among other related questions.
4/29/13 - Top Ten Malaria Innovations The Guardian (UK)

A low-cost mosquito-testing lab made from a shipping container – known as the ‘insectary-in-a-box’ – was ranked as a leading malaria control innovation. Abt created the insectary in Malawi, one of 15 countries participating in the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying program, funded by USAID and led by Abt.
4/24/13 - What I've Learned from Fighting Malaria Devex

Dr. Yemane Yihdego, chief of party in Ethiopia for the Abt-led Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project, writes in an op-ed about the family tragedy that motivated him to work to combat malaria.
4/10/13 - Africa: Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships the Future of Healthcare Upfront Africa

Thierry Uwamahoro, an analyst for the Abt-led, USAID-funded Strengthening Health Outcomes Through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project was interviewed on a Voice of America program. Uwamahoro spoke about the Network for Africa, an organization co-managed by the SHOPS project that strengthens the capacity of African public and private health sector leaders to partner for greater public health outcomes.
4/5/13 - New Report: Kids Will Eat Their Veggies…If You Give Them the Chance ScienceBlogs

A blog post about Abt’s evaluation of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program quoted Susan Bartlett, a lead author of the evaluation and a principal associate at Abt Associates. Bartlett, in an interview, said that participating schools really did take the nutrition education component seriously and helped improve kids’ attitudes about fruits and veggies.
4/4/13 - USDA Program Succeeds in Boosting Fruit, Veggie Consumption Among School Kids Food Navigator-USA

A government program to improve students’ diet increased their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, according to a study by Abt Associates for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. A news article discussed the results of Abt’s evaluation of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.  
4/4/13 - More School Time Needs to be Part of Broader Effort CommonWealth

A magazine op-ed about Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time (ELT) initiative – a pilot program to allow redesigned schedules and longer school days–mentioned Abt’s detailed report on the program.
3/30/13 - Autism Not Linked to Early Vaccinations Reuters

A news article focused on a study co-authored by Abt Principal Associate Cristopher Price and published in The Journal of Pediatrics. The study concluded there is no link between the number of vaccines children receive in their first two years and autism.
3/29/13 - Risk of Autism Is Not Increased by 'Too Many Vaccines Too Soon,' Study Shows Science Daily

A study co-authored by Abt Principal Associate Cristopher Price and published in The Journal of Pediatrics concluded that children younger than two years old do not face an increased risk of autism if they receive multiple vaccines in a day or over a short period.
3/28/13 - U.S. Malaria Initiative Begins Indoor Residual Spraying Campaign in Nasarawa The Guardian (Nigeria)

A news story updated the progress in Nigeria of the Africa-wide Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS), led by Abt and funded by USAID.
3/25/13 - Study: In Malawi Lifelong Antiretroviral Treatment for Expectant Moms “Translates into Saving More Than 250,000 Maternal Life Years” Science Speaks

Dr. Carlos Avila, an infectious disease specialist and a senior health economist at Abt, discussed an article he co-authored that found great value in providing continuous HIV-treatment to pregnant women in Malawi.
3/22/13 - How to Fill the TB Funding Gap: Creativity and Courage Devex

Martha Benezet, senior associate and tuberculosis technical lead for Abt’s International Health division, said in a Q&A that creating more public-private partnerships is one tactic of many needed to reduce tuberculosis prevalence.
3/22/13 - How to Fill the TB Funding Gap: Creativity and Courage Devex

Martha Benezet, Abt senior associate and tuberculosis expert, said in an interview that tuberculosis is not a disease of the past. Addressing the growing threat of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis will require innovative funding, including public-private partnerships.
3/21/13 - Fighting Malaria Unites Christians, Muslims in Nigeria The Guardian (Nigeria)

A feature story about the African Indoor Residual Spraying project – led by Abt and funded by USAID – in Nigeria explained how the malaria reduction program is working with religious leaders to reach more residents.
3/21/13 - A Dark Truck Stop. A Crowd of Sex Workers. A Government Program That Works? Mother Jones

A feature story about a rehab program for prostitutes in Dallas, Texas quoted Abt’s Michael Shively, a senior associate in Abt’s U.S. Health Division and expert on sex trafficking.
3/20/13 - Wellness by Number: How Mobile Phones Save Lives Aljazeera

Abt’s innovative use of smartphones to improve the success of tuberculosis care in Nigeria was mentioned in a news story about how smartphones are being used to improve public health.
3/14/13 - Malawi: Lifelong HIV Treatment for Pregnant Women Prevents Infection in Children – Study AfricaSeer

Providing life-long antiretroviral treatment to HIV-infected pregnant women not only prevents HIV infections in infants, but also improves the 10-year survival rate in mothers, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE. Abt Associates’ Dr. Carlos Avila is one of the study’s authors.
3/12/13 - Health Spending Increased to U.S. $1.4 Billion East Africa Business Week

Health spending in Tanzania increased from US $480 million in 2002 to reach US $1.4 billion in 2010, according to the Private Sector Health Assessment, a survey conducted by the Abt-led Strengthening Health Outcomes Through the Private Sector project in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. Although donors are the largest health-financing source in Tanzania for key areas like HIV/AIDS and malaria, households remain the main source of heal...
2/27/13 - CPOE Cuts Medication Errors By 48%, Says Study InformationWeek

A study by Abt Associates concluded that a computerized provider order entry system could reduce prescription drug errors by nearly half. The study, published online in February in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, is based on data from 2008.
2/25/13 - Study That Would Determine fate of Taunton State Hospital on Track for Completion by End of Year Taunton Daily Gazette

A news article discussed an Abt study of the effectiveness of Massachusetts’ mental health system. The study’s findings are expected to inform the Massachusetts Legislature’s decisions regarding the number and location of hospital beds for mental health care in the state.
2/22/13 - Abt CEO Kathleen Flanagan Discusses Abt’s Mission Federal News Radio

Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan sat down with Federal News Radio’s Francis Rose to discuss how Abt works with the government to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide. Flanagan, who was interviewed live on the “Industry Chatter” program, told Rose that federal agencies are looking for evidence-based decision making, innovation and thinking outside of the box to solve their most difficult problems.
2/22/13 - Barriers to Trade in Agricultural Goods: Let’s Focus on Solutions, Not on Problems ECDPM Talking Points

The Food Across Borders West Africa regional trade conference -- organized in part by Abt and held in late January in Accra, Ghana – should be followed up with action to reduce trade barriers in the region now, according to a speaker at the conference.
2/21/13 - Experts Endorse IRS for Malaria Elimination The Guardian (Nigeria)

Nigerian malaria control officials reaffirmed their support for working with the Abt-led African Indoor Residual Spraying Project after a five-day training on malaria elimination by U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Nigerian universities, and other organizations.
2/21/13 - Above the Noise: Taking Resilience from Buzzword to Real-World Impact Devex

Thierry van Bastelaer, principal associate and economist at Abt Associates, argues in an op-ed that resilience is not just a buzzword – it’s a new concept to describe how development can increase people’s stability in the face of disaster, disease, and other adverse events.
2/21/13 - Experts Endorse IRS for Malaria Elimination The Guardian (Nigeria)

Nigerian malaria control officials reaffirmed their support for working with the Abt-led African Indoor Residual Spraying Project after a five-day training on malaria elimination by U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Nigerian universities, and other organizations.
2/21/13 - Study: Electronic Prescribing Cuts Medication Errors HealthDay

A news story focused on an Abt Associates study that found hospitals' use of computerized ordering systems to process drug prescriptions prevented 17 million drug errors in a single year in the United States. Wider adoption of the technology could prevent three times as many drug errors.
2/12/13 - On FMLA's 20th Anniversary, Employers Reiterate Reservations, Advocates Urge Expansion Bloomberg BNA

Employers still have concerns about the Family and Medical Leave Act but acknowledged the act has benefits, according to a story about a study on the act conducted by Abt Associates for the U.S. Department of Labor.
2/7/13 - After 20 Years, Success of Family and Medical Leave Act Should Humble the Far Right Yahoo News

A column about the Family and Medical Leave Act discussed the findings of a study on the act conducted by Abt Associates for the U.S. Department of Labor. The report found that only 1 percent of worksites affected by the act experienced “great difficulty” in administering leave.
2/5/13 - Abt Associates Acquires Health and Development Firm Washington Technology

A news story discussed Abt Associates’ purchase of JTA International, an Australia-based international health and social sector consulting firm. The move expands Abt’s breadth and depth of expertise in international health and development and offers new opportunities for diversifying its client base.
2/5/13 - MBAs Without Borders: Have Degree, Will Travel Bloomberg Businessweek
2/4/13 - Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software: A Tenuous Balance between the Government and the Contractor Contract Managment

Abt Director of Contracts Krista L. Pages’ article on protecting rights in technical data and software was published in the February 2013 issue of Contract Management, the trade publication of the National Contract Management Association. 
1/30/13 - Keeping Diversity at the Center of the STEM Higher Education Agenda in 2013 Diverse Issues in Higher Education

An op-ed by Abt Senior Analyst Lorelle Espinosa discusses the importance of fostering diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
1/29/13 - Time to Put Children and Youth at the Top of the Agenda Huffington Post

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Abt Vice President and Senior Fellow Deborah Klein Walker calls on policymakers to place children and youth at the top of the national agenda.
1/25/13 - It Has Been Frigid Outside, but Also a Lot Less Dangerous New York Times

A news story about the relationship between cold weather and crime quoted Abt Associates Senior Associate Matthew Ranson, who studied the effect of temperature on crime as a graduate student at Harvard University.
1/23/13 - When Paying It Forward Pays Us Back New York Times

An op-ed about interventions that keep Medicare beneficiaries healthier quoted Abt Associates Principal Associate Howard Rolston, PhD, the former director of the office of planning, research and evaluation in the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
1/17/13 - Why We Must Expand Indoor Residual Spraying to Tackle Malaria The Guardian (Nigeria)

A Nigerian newspaper interviewed Chioma Amajoh, a consultant for the USAID-funded, Abt Associates-led Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Program, operating in Nigeria and 16 other countries in Africa. Amajoh, who supports indoor residual spraying, has advocated for malaria control and elimination in Nigeria for more than 30 years.
1/13/13 - Kenya: Abt Associates Awarded New Project to Reduce Malaria in Kenya AllAfrica

Abt Associates has been awarded the Indoor Residual Spraying 2 Project in Kenya, a three-year malaria prevention project funded by the USAID-led President's Malaria Initiative. Abt now is carrying out malaria prevention programs in 17 countries.