12/30/14 - ‘Portable’ Mortgage Touted as Equity Builder Inside Mortgage Finance

A story examined portable mortgages, which allow a borrower to keep his or her mortgage even when moving to a different property, helping to build equity. These loans, available in Europe and Canada, should be used in the U.S. as well, according to Jeffrey Lubell, director of housing and community initiatives at Abt Associates.
12/19/14 - PSC Membership Elects New Leadership for 2015 Houston Chronicle

Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan, a current member of the Professional Services Council, was re-elected to a new three-year term along with numerous others.
12/17/14 - Bipartisan Policy Center Offers Blueprint to Reinvent Housing Policy HousingWire

A blog post discussed a paper by Jeffrey Lubell, director of housing and community initiatives at Abt Associates, released by The Bipartisan Policy Center. Lubell proposes a number of ways to increase housing affordability and sustainability.
12/16/14 - Six in 10 See CIA Actions as Justified As Many Question Committee Report ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 59 percent of Americans supported the Central Intelligence Agency’s treatment of suspected terrorists, despite 49 percent of Americans believing the CIA did torture suspected terrorists.
12/10/14 - Another Bite at the Apple: How SNAP Is Making Us a Healthier Nation Huffington Post

Todd Grindal, Associate at Abt, co-wrote an op-ed that highlights an Abt study that found financial incentives encouraged people in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to eat more vegetables.
12/9/14 - How Prescription Drug Abusers are Cheating the System by Shopping Across State Lines Washington Post

A news article quoted Doug McDonald, Abt Principal Associate, about the study he co-authored that found more people in the Northeast than elsewhere in the U.S. cross state lines to obtain possibly fraudulent opioid prescriptions.
12/5/14 - ILO Recommends Ways to Make Health Microinsurance Work Daily Independent (Nigeria)

A news article highlighted a paper, co-written by Abt Associates’ Jeanna Holtz, which quoted recommendations on microinsurance by the International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Impact Insurance Facility.
11/20/14 - Orange County Prostitution Fight Puts New Focus on Shaming of Johns Los Angeles Times

Michael Shively, Abt senior associate, was quoted in a story about Orange County law enforcement agencies embracing the public shaming of men who attempt to buy sex. Shively manages DemandForum.net, a site listing city and county initiatives to combat prostitution by getting men to stop buying sex.
11/18/14 - Health Insurance and Health Catastrophes NationFM (Kenya)

Abt’s Mbogo Bunyi, Chief of Party of SHOPS Kenya, appeared on a radio show and spoke about the role of health insurance in helping Kenyans prepare for health catastrophes.
11/14/14 - Women Who Mean Business: Kathleen Flanagan Washington Business Journal

In this interview and short video, Abt Associates President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan talks about the value of taking chances and having butterflies in your stomach.
11/13/14 - Scope of Practice for Nurses Ready Daily News (Tanzania)

Nurses and midwives in Tanzania, which provide the bulk of direct patient care, have agreed to a first-ever scope of practice. The document was prepared in part by the Abt-led Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project.
11/11/14 - Study: Unionizing Child-Care Providers Could Lead to Higher-Quality Care Education Week

A news story quoted Abt Associates’ Todd Grindal about his research on unionized child care workers in Illinois. He found that while the quality of child care improved, it was less affordable to lower-income families.
11/1/14 - Embracing Homeownership – the Right Way Cincinnati Enquirer

Jeffrey Lubell, director of housing initiatives for Abt Associates, was quoted in an editorial about homeownership. Lubell said that homeownership can be beneficial to people who are ready for it.
10/31/14 - These Five Charts Show the Progress Made in Fighting Homelessness Washington Post

Alvaro Cortes, Abt principal associate and director of HUD’s annual homelessness report, was quoted about the value of using housing up front as a way to address homeless people’s multiple needs.
10/31/14 - Katie Joyce Named Abt Associates Global BD Director; Jay Knott Comments GovCon Executive

Abt Associates has named Katie Joyce director of Abt’s Global Business Development Unit. Joyce most recently was business development leader of the community and economic development group at Booz Allen Hamilton.
10/26/14 - Fidelity Strikes US$3.9m Deal with USAID on Health GhanaWeb

A new agreement between USAID and Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited will increase lending to Ghana’s health sector. The Abt Associates-led, USAID-funded Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project will provide direct support to the bank and borrowers.
10/21/14 - More Prefer Public Transit to Road Building ABC News

A poll conducted by Abt SRBI found that overall, 54 percent of Americans prefer investing in public transit – such as trains and buses – to reduce traffic congestion, while four in ten say expanding and building roads is a better idea.
10/20/14 - American Prisons are not a Revolving Door: Most Released Offenders Never Return London School of Economics and Political Science blog

William Rhodes, Abt Associates Principal Associate, discusses his research that finds two out of three American prison inmates do not return to incarceration.
10/17/14 - Most Americans Back Supreme Court on Gay Marriage — Including in the Affected States ABC News

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted by Abt SRBI and Langer Research Associates finds that 56 percent of Americans support the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent action to allow gay marriages in 11 states, while 38 percent oppose it.
10/14/14 - Amid Broad Worries of an Ebola Outbreak, Two-Thirds Say Government Should Do More ABC News

Most Americans want government to do more about the Ebola outbreak and are at least somewhat confident the government and the health system can respond effectively to an outbreak, according to an ABC News poll conducted by Abt SRBI and Langer Research Associates.
10/6/14 - State Tests Help to Make What Works in Education an Open Book Huffington Post

In an op-ed, Abt Associates’ Todd Grindal and Beth Boulay write that standardized testing in schools should be scrutinized and debated, but not ended because of the useful information it provides.
10/1/14 - New PTSD Study Reveals High Correlation with Physical Ailments New England Psychologist

An Abt Associates analysis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) found that 36.7 percent of Vietnam warzone veterans with warzone PTSD had severe co morbid major depression and were at far greater risk of heart disease and other chronic ailments.
9/30/14 - PTSD Still Plagues More than 1 in 10 Vietnam Veterans 40 Years Later U.S. Medicine

Research by Abt Associates found that Vietnam veterans identified as having PTSD symptoms in a related study in the mid-1980s had twice the risk of dying over the next 25 years than similar veterans without PTSD, among other findings.
9/9/14 - Business Leaders Downbeat on Workers’ Prospects Boston Globe

Business leaders don’t expect to see better pay or living conditions for American workers in the next few years, according to an Abt SRBI survey of nearly 2,000 Harvard Business School alumni.
9/6/14 - Interview with Abt’s Dr. Sabry Hamza “Dunya Ya Dunya” (Jordanian TV Morning Show)

Dr. Sabry Hamza, Chief of Party of the Abt-led Health Systems Strengthening II project in Jordan, discussed the project’s effort to help 120 Ministry of Health health centers pursue accreditation. Read the English transcript.
9/6/14 - 'John-Shaming' a Potent Tactic for Bay Area Police San Francisco Chronicle

No scientific studies have been conducted that publicly shaming clients of prostitutes reduces the rate of prostitution – but anecdotal evidence suggests that the tactic is potent, said Michael Shively, senior associate with Abt Associates.
9/3/14 - Abt Wins $16.5M Deal to Help Study Flu The Gazette

Abt Associates will be building a research infrastructure for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that will allow the CDC to rapidly launch epidemiology studies essential to protecting the public in the event of a respiratory disease pandemic.
8/30/14 - Hospitals Often Ignore Policies on Using Qualified Medical Interpreters Modern Healthcare

Many hospital staff members have a story about how a lack of precise interpretation put a patient in harm’s way, said Melanie Wasserman, senior associate at Abt Associates.
8/26/14 - Law Would Fine Johns to Aid Prostituted Women Chicago Tribune (login required)

Michael Shively, senior associate with Abt Associates, was quoted in a story about state legislation to provide services to prostitution survivors. Shively said combating prostitution by focusing on the buyers has proven to be an effective tactic.
8/19/14 - Vietnam Vets with PTSD at Greater Risk of Heart Disease, Study Shows Minneapolis StarTribune

Members of minority groups who enlisted in the military before finishing high school were especially likely to develop PTSD, as were those veterans who had killed multiple times in combat, according to preliminary findings of the National Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study, conducted by Abt Associates.
8/14/14 - Psychometric testing: Will it become the new normal in foreign aid recruiting? Devex

Abt Associates Director of Global Recruiting Karen Amatangelo-Block said in an interview that psychometric tests – personality profiles, reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires and ability assessments – can help candidates develop their career pathways.
8/11/14 - Vietnam Vets With PTSD Carry Double Risk of Younger Death: Study NBC News NBC News

A study conducted in part by Abt Associates researchers found that Vietnam veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have twice the risk of early death as their counterparts without PTSD.
8/8/14 - Vietnam veterans still dogged by PTSD USA Today

The online article reports on the preliminary findings of the National Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study conducted by Abt Associates for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in partnership with NYU Langone Medical Centers Department of Psychiatry. Abt’s Dr. Bill Schlenger, who led the study that examined the long-term course of PTSD and its link to chronic health conditions, is quoted as saying "the study's key takeaway is that for some, PTSD is not going away. It is chronic ...
8/7/14 - Combat stress found to persist since Vietnam New York Times

The article reports on the preliminary findings of the National Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study conducted by Abt Associates for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in partnership with NYU Langone Medical Centers Department of Psychiatry. Abt’s Dr. Bill Schlenger, who led the study that examined the long-term course of PTSD and its link to chronic health conditions, is quoted as saying that the study’s “solid empirical data [will] help us understand how to manage [the co...
8/7/14 - Measuring Intelligence with Latinos Latino USA (National Public Radio)

In an interview on National Public Radio’s Latino USA, Dr. Michael Lopez discusses disparities in education for children, especially Latino children, and the obstacles to properly measuring their skills and abilities.
8/6/14 - Rising rates of hospice discharge in U.S. raise questions about quality of care The Washington Post

Findings from a study conducted by Abt Associates’ Michael Plotzke , T.J. Christian, Alyssa Pozniak, Elizabeth Axelrod, Brant Morefield, Meaghan Hunt and Allison Muma in partnership with Pedro Gozalo and Joan Teno, Brown University Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research, provides data for this article in The Washington Post, specifically for a map illustrating the share of hospice patients discharged alive state by state.
7/18/14 - Step Up the Pace on Investment, PPPs for an AIDS-Free Generation Step Up the Pace on Investment, PPPs for an AIDS-Free Generation

Getting to an AIDS-free generation will require increased involvement by local governments, communities, and the private sector, according to an op-ed by Catherine Thompson, Abt Associates’ strategic lead for HIV and AIDS.
7/17/14 - Health Survey to Address Tobacco Effects, Chronic Conditions Frederick News Post

Abt SRBI has been awarded a $1.9 million contract by the Maryland Department of Health and mental Hygiene to conduct a state-wide study that will study tobacco use and tobacco-related illness. The study, which will interview more than 19,000 Marylanders, aims to find new ways to prevent tobacco use and illness.
7/15/14 - $7B RMADA contract awarded by HHS Federal Times

Abt Associates was one of 15 companies awarded a contract by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Abt, along with 14 others, will participate in the $7 billon Research, Measurement, Assessment, Design and Analysis (RMADA) procurement program, which will test innovative payment and service delivery models.
7/15/14 - Silver Spring organization conducts Marylandwide health survey Gazette.net

Under a $1.9 million contract with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Abt SRBI is conducting an anonymous adult random-digit dial telephone survey in all of Maryland’s 23 counties to collect data on tobacco use and chronic diseases.
7/14/14 - Family Planning Counseling and Services Benefit Mothers in Zarqa, Jordan Family Planning High Impact Practices

Abt Associates' Dr. Nisreen Bitar explains how the Abt-led, USAID-funded Health Systems Strengthening II (HSS II) Project is helping Jordan to overcome a stagnation in use of modern family planning methods.
7/1/14 - Research in Brief—Putting Sex Traffickers Out of Business: Combatting Human Trafficking and Prostitution by Reducing the Demand for Commercial Sex Police Chief Magazine

Abt Associates’ Dr. Michael Shively is recognized for the report he and his team developed for the National Institute of Justice on commonly used and innovative programs and tactics to reduce demand for commercial sex. The report—A National Overview of Prostitution and Sex Trafficking Demand Reduction Efforts— later became the basis for Shively’s development of www.demandforum.net, a website providing resources to people and communities interested in preventing prostituti...
6/26/14 - PATHS2 Supports 24hrs Service in Lagos PHC The Guardian (Nigeria)

Healthcare providers at the Primary Healthcare Centre in Alimoso, Lagos, Nigeria are now able to deliver better care under more dependable power conditions thanks to a power generator donated by the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems II (PATHS2), led by Abt Associates and funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development (DFID).
6/25/14 - USAID and Partners Convene to Unveil New Efforts to Save Millions of Women and Children From Preventable Deaths AllAfrica

Kathleen Flanagan, President and CEO of Abt Associates, made a statement as a part of the Acting on the Call: Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths forum, led by USAID. “At Abt Associates, we stand united with the global health community to bring our best thinking and innovative approaches to solving these challenges," Flanagan said.
6/18/14 - Medtronic Puts $17M into Community Chronic Disease Program MassDevice

Abt Associates will help coordinate HealthRise, Medtronic’s new $17 million, five-year program. HealthRise will help patients in underserved areas manage chronic diseases by evaluating local care systems and by providing grants to bolster local health care services. 
6/6/14 - Sortable Chart: EPA Climate Rule, By the States The Wall Street Journal

Jonathan Dorn, a researcher at Abt Associates who worked on emissions data for the EPA, was quoted in a news story about new EPA emissions regulations. Dorn said the impact of the regulations as they exist would be greater on states that rely more heavily on coal for energy, such as Kentucky.
6/2/14 - 4 Key Takeaways from EPA's New Rules for Power Plants National Geographic Daily News

A news story about new EPA emissions regulations quoted Jonathan Dorn, an associate at Abt who worked on emissions data for the EPA. Dorn said that using 2005 data instead of 2012 as a baseline for measuring emissions reductions – as the regulations do – will make the goals easier to reach, but that the regulations still will make coal more expensive.
5/29/14 - Although Relatively Few, “Doctor Shoppers” Skew Opioid Prescribing NIDA Notes

While only one out of 143 patients in the U.S. bought opioids in a pattern that suggests abuse in 2008, they were responsible for 4 percent of opioid purchases by drug weight, according to research by Douglas McDonald, Abt Principal Associate, and Kenneth Carlson, Abt Senior Associate.
5/28/14 - Abt Associates Wins $5.7M Contract to Support OSHA Analysis Washington Technology

Abt Associates will provide a range of regulatory, economic and industrial hygiene services to OSHA's Office of Regulatory Analysis within the Directorate of Standards and Guidance during the next five years.
5/15/14 - Abt Associates Wins $17.5M Contract to Analyze Economic Impact of Endangered Species Act Washington Technology

Abt Associates has been selected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to carry out economic analyses of habitat designation under the Endangered Species Act.
5/9/14 - New AJC Poll Shows Voters Disapprove of Georgia’s New Gun Law Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An Abt SRBI poll conducted for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that 59 percent of Georgians polled disapproved of a law that expands the places where they can legally carry firearms.
5/9/14 - Malaria Cases Reduced in Northern Region Ghana Web

A web story detailed reductions in malaria cases in Ghana due to the work of the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (AIRS) project, led by Abt Associates.
5/8/14 - Holocaust Education Program Gets High Marks WBUR 90.9 (Boston)

A news story highlighted an independent evaluation of a holocaust education program co-authored by Abt Associates.
5/6/14 - Behind the Buzzword: Development Jobs in Innovation Devex

A news story about innovation in development mentioned Abt’s Innovation Expos, an internal event at which Abt showcased its program innovations, tool, company capabilities, and other innovations. The story quoted Mark McEuen, vice president and deputy division manager for International Health at Abt.
4/29/14 - Public Preference for a GOP Congress Marks a New Low in Obama’s Approval ABC News

A poll conducted for ABC News by Abt SRBI and Langer Research Associates found that President Obama’s job approval rating reached 41 percent in late April, the lowest of his presidency by a single point.
4/25/14 - Rigorous Study Finds Actual Benefits from Immersive Teacher PD Program Education Week

Both teachers and students benefited from Facing History and Ourselves – an international organization who engages students in an examination of racism, prejudice, and antisemitism – according to a randomized control study by Abt Associates and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
4/23/14 - Getting a Boost from Google New York Daily News

A news story mentioned an Abt Associates evaluation of Citizen Schools, an extended-learning program pairing middle schools from at-risk communities with volunteers from AmeriCorps and tech companies. Abt’s review found that students in Citizen Schools gained an additional three to five months of additional learning per year.
4/22/14 - What Interviewing Technique is Abt Associates Using to Vet Job Candidates? Devex

Abt Recruiter Carolyn Baker said in an interview that Abt looks for people with technical skills the ability to communicate and collaborate.
4/18/14 - IHME “Financing Global Health 2013” Brings Good News for Women and Children – But There is No Time for Complacency Global Policy

Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO of Abt JTA and an adviser to the World Health Organization, co-reviewed the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation IHME report, “Financing Global Health 2013 Financing Global Health 2013: Transition in an Age of Austerity.”
4/17/14 - Willingness to Pay for Green Space Greenversations

In this official EPA blog, a study by Abt Associates involving a regulatory analysis for EPA’s Post-Construction Stormwater Management regulation is cited. The research showed that low impact development and green infrastructure practices reduce the amount of stormwater running of a particular site, resulting in a number of benefits including increased property values.
4/17/14 - Don’t Believe the Hype: Students with Disabilities Should Benefit from the Common Core Huffington Post

Abt Associates researcher and Huffington Post blogger Todd Grindal disputes the opinion featured in The Atlantic that the Common Core educational standards are too tough for students with disabilities.
4/15/14 - 8 Development Jobs You May Be Overlooking Devex

A story about emerging careers within international development quoted Mark McEuen, vice president and deputy division manager for international health at Abt Associates.
4/9/14 - The American Medical System Fails Patients with ADHD: A Call to Action (subscription required) Medscape

An editorial highlighted a journal article by two Abt researchers that found significant variations across the U.S. in diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.
4/4/14 - Fighting Prostitution with Humiliation The Press-Enterprise

A news story about combating prostitution in San Bernardino County, California quoted Abt Senior Associate Michael Shively, who manages DemandForum.net, a site listing the more than 900 city and county initiatives in the U.S that aim to combat prostitution by getting men to stop buying sex.
4/2/14 - Tackling Mass Incarceration New York Times

A news story profiled Roca, a non-profit that helps disengaged and disenfranchised young people escape violence and poverty. Abt Associates is evaluating the effectiveness of Roca.
4/1/14 - Influenza Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Intensive Care, CDC Says Medscape

Children who are fully vaccinated against influenza may have a 74 percent reduced risk of developing life-threatening influenza illness compared with non-vaccinated children, according to a study co-authored by Abt Associates and published March 26 online in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.
3/28/14 - Forum Deliberates on Public-Private Partnership in Health Sector Walta Info

A news story highlighted a two-day forum organized by an Abt-led project and the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health with an ultimate goal of enabling the private health sector to participate fully in the country’s effort to achieve important public health goals.
3/24/14 - AHRQ Projects Probe Stage 3 Feasibility Healthcare IT News

Abt Senior Associate Sara Galantowictz is one of 12 researchers selected to develop goals for the third of three stages of Medicare’s electronic health record (EHR) incentive program. Galantowictz will examine appropriate EHR goals for health care providers in Pennsylvania and Utah.
3/23/14 - Responsive-Design Intranets with Smart Content Prioritization Nielsen Norman Group

The Abt Global Intranet (AGI) was profiled in a blog post about best practices in company intranet design.
3/20/14 - Chicago to Sell Properties for the Price of a Candy Bar Huffington Post

Jeffrey Lubell, director of Housing Initiatives at Abt Associates, was quoted in a story about a plan in Chicago to sell city-owned lots in blighted neighborhoods for $1 each.
3/10/14 - US Prisons, Jails Fall Short on Recommended HIV Testing Reuters Health

Despite Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to provide opt-out HIV testing to inmates, most jails and prisons do not do so, according to research by Abt Associates Principal Associate Liza Solomon and colleagues published in the March issue of Health Affairs.
3/4/14 - Study Says Prisons, Jails Miss Opportunities for HIV Testing, Post-Release Treatment Infection Control Today

A news story quoted Liza Solomon, Abt Associates principal associate, who led a study that found that only 19 percent of prison systems and 35 percent of jails provide opt-out HIV testing recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
3/3/14 - How Can the Private Sector Support Universal Health Coverage Goals? GlobalHealthHub.org

A blog post about the role the private sector can play in universal health coverage highlighted an Abt Associates’ panel discussion on the issue held as part of the company’s opening of an office in the United Kingdom.
3/2/14 - Climate Change May Mean More Crime Boston Globe

A news story discussed at length a study by Matthew Ranson – an environmental economist at Abt Associates – that estimates a five degree increase in global temperatures by 2100 will lead to more crime that costs society $38 billion to $115 billion.
2/28/14 - Crime Rates Could Rise as Climate Change Bites New Scientist

A news story quoted Abt Associates’ Matthew Ranson discussing his article estimating the extent to which climate change is expected to increase crime.
2/24/14 - Help Employees Afford Housing New York Times

Jeffrey Lubell, director of Housing Initiatives at Abt Associates, wrote in the New York Times’ Room for Debate feature that employers would benefit by financially helping employees both rent and buy housing.
2/24/14 - The Greenhouse Effect Makes Us More Violent La Stampa (Italy)

A news story highlighted an article by Abt Associates’ Matthew Ranson, which concluded that increasing global temperatures could lead to a 2.2 percent increase in murders and 3.1 percent more rapes by 2099.
2/21/14 - Global Warming Will Trigger More Crime: Study MarketWatch

A news article quoted Abt Associates’ Matthew Ranson about his research concluding that crime will increase by 1.5 to 5 percent by 2090 due to warmer weather brought by climate change.
2/19/14 - Climate Change Brings More Crime Los Angeles Times

A news article discussed a study by Matthew Ranson, associate and scientist at Abt Associates, which found that global warming will trigger more crimes – such as murders and rapes – over the next century, with social costs estimated to run as high as $115 billion.
2/12/14 - Indabo Demands Doctors, Ambulances Daily Trust (Nigeria)

Mike Egboh, chief of party for the Abt Associates-led Partnership for Transforming Health Services Phase 2 (PATHS2), was quoted in a news story about the lack of health care resources in the northern Nigeria town of Indabo.
2/10/14 - Kano Govt to Deploy Tricycle Ambulances Statewide The Guardian (Nigeria)

A news story mentioned health care services improvements supported by the Partnership for Transforming Health Care Phase 2 (PATHS2), a project led by Abt Associates and funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development.
2/10/14 - Business 100 2013 Irish America

Abt Associates CEO and President Kathleen Flanagan is one of 100 executives of Irish-American heritage profiled as by Irish America magazine as being among some of “the most influential and innovative corporations in the world.” Flanagan, a third-generation Irish American on both parents’ sides, says she grew up with a deep sense of the spirit of cead mile failte, or “a hundred thousand welcomes,” which helped define her approach to business.
2/10/14 - An American Delegation Visits JUH Al Rai (Jordan)

A news article described a visit to the Jordan University Hospital (JUH) on February 6 by Dr. Diana Silimperi, Abt Associates division vice president for International Health, and members from the Abt-led Health System Strengthening II project. The delegation viewed the hospital’s progress in providing high-level health care services in the newly constructed obstetrics and neonatal model departments.
2/3/14 - Ethiopians recognized for bringing health to the poor Capitol Ethiopia

A news article highlighted a health services challenge fund implemented by Abt Associates to help entrepreneurs in Ethiopia and Kenya working in family planning, reproductive health, maternal and child health, and HIV and AIDS.
1/29/14 - USA TODAY poll: Slight majority backs Keystone pipeline USA Today

A poll by Abt SRBI found that 56 percent of respondents favor building the 1,179-mile pipeline extension, which would carry heavy tar sands from Alberta through Montana and South Dakota to Steele City, Neb.
1/24/14 - How to Fight Rising Heroin and Opiate Use Boston.com

Abt Associates Principal Scientist Dana Hunt, PhD – who has conducted research in the areas of crime and addictions for more than 30 years – wrote in an op-ed that reducing heroin and opiate use will require identifying these new, sometimes rural opiate users and making treatment accessible to them.
1/23/14 - City a Magnet for Young People, But They Do Not Stay, Pew Report Finds Philadelphia Inquirer

A survey by Abt SRBI for the Pew Charitable Trust found that the influx of young adults to Philadelphia in recent years is a “fragile boom” because half said they likely will move out of the city in five to 10 years in search of better schools and stronger career prospects.
1/16/14 - Kathleen Flanagan, President and CEO of Abt Associates, on Leading a Global Organization and Communicating with a Clear Vision WashingtonExec

Abt President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan in an interview spoke about Abt’s strategy to connect its 2,700 employees around the world, the company’s charitable efforts, and the company’s upcoming 50th anniversary.
1/16/14 - Without Ownership, Sustainability is a Mirage Devex

Mike Egboh, national program manager for the Abt Associates-led Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 2 in Nigeria, wrote in an op-ed about the three lessons he’s learned in making projects sustainable.
1/13/14 - 'Smile More, Complain Less': How a Job Transition Can Make the Difference Devex

Abt Associates Director of Global Recruiting Karen Amatangelo-Block said in an interview that coming to work for Abt has allowed her to feel that she is contributing positively to the lives and well-being of others around the world.
1/13/14 - Nearly 6 in 10 in Georgia Favor Medicaid Expansion Atlanta-Journal Constitution

A poll conducted by Abt SRBI for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that more Georgians favor expanding Medicaid than repealing all of parts of the Affordable Care Act.
1/9/14 - Abt Associates Wins $10M Contract to Conduct Survey on Sexual Violence Washington Technology

Abt will conduct a national and state level survey for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the magnitude and characteristics of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence.
1/8/14 - Good Public Policy Demands That Congress Restore Funding to Housing Voucher Program Roll Call

Jill Khadduri, Abt Associates senior fellow, in an op-ed said that Congress needs to restore funding for the Housing Choice Voucher program – sometimes called Section 8 – which is critical to ensuring that low-income people can afford quality housing.
1/6/14 - Mysteries of Social Marketing Revealed (Mostly) Nextbillion.net

A blog post summarized a webinar by Gael O’Sullivan and Ramakrishnan Ganesan of Abt Associates about social marketing tools that help encourage behavior change in a target population.