12/21/16 - How U.S. Communities Are Adapting to Climate Change Urban Land

An article from Urban Land highlights how U.S. communities like Baltimore and Tulsa are already adapting to climate change. The article quotes Abt Associate Jason Vogel and centers on a report he led, “Climate Adaptation: The State of Practice in U.S. Communities.” 
12/20/16 - ‘John School’ for men arrested after soliciting sex gets approval NBC – KXAN

NBC affiliate KXAN featured Abt Senior Associate/Scientist Michael Shively and his research on ‘John Schools’ in a story on local efforts to reduce prostitution. Travis County, Texas recently voted to start a ‘John School,’ which is an evidence-based program aimed at educating men who are arrested for soliciting sex.
12/14/16 - Head Start is Poorly Funded and California's Programs Fall Below National Standards, New Report Finds KPCC-FM (online)

Michael López, principal associate at Abt, was quoted in a story about the role Head Start plays in early childhood education. 
12/12/16 - Nigeria: 100,000 Nigerian Children Die From Diarrhoea Yearly -- USAID allAfrica

A news story mentioned statistics on diarrhea gathered by the Abt-led, USAID-funded Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project. 
12/12/16 - This Is How We Can Tackle Climate Change, Even With a Denier in Chief The Nation

A magazine feature extensively quoted groundbreaking research by Abt Associates and the Kresge Foundation that documents how communities are adapting to climate change in red states and blue states, in big coastal cities and small rural towns.
12/8/16 - Denver Was Too Cold for Russian Ballerinas, Disney on Ice and Some Crooks The Denver Post

A news story quoted Matthew Ranson, associate at Abt, discussing his research findings that cold weather is associated with less crime, and the opposite for warm weather. 
11/29/16 - USAID/SHOPS Measures Gains of Family Planning/Maternal Child Health Services in Nigeria Leadership (Nigeria)

The Abt-led, USAID-funded Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Plus program explained in a news story how it has improved the quality and sustainability of family planning and maternal and child health services in Nigeria through private sector participation.
11/28/16 - Addiction Crisis Fuels Human Trafficking San Francisco Chronicle

Michael Shively, a senior associate at Abt, was quoted in a story about the increasingly overlapping crimes of opioid abuse and prostitution.
11/25/16 - New Research Finds Latino Families Want Preschool as Much as Others, but Big Gaps in Access Remain KPCC-FM (Southern California Public Radio)

A news story discussed findings in a brief by the National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families, which Abt co-launched in 2013. The brief examined national trends of Hispanic early care and education utilization. 
11/16/16 - Poll Finds Tempered Optimism after Trump Victory, but Doubts about Mandate Washington Post

A poll created in part by Abt SRBI found that more than seven in 10 Americans said the presidential campaign made them angry and that three in 10 Americans say President-elect Trump has a mandate to carry out his campaign promises.
11/16/16 - New Model Teases an Ideal Response to Climate Change NextCity

A news story discussed a report researched by Abt that presents 17 case studies of U.S. communities’ efforts to adapt to climate change. 
11/12/16 - The CHA Tests a Controversial Timer on Housing Vouchers Crain's Chicago Business

A news story about time limits on housing vouchers quoted Jill Khadduri, Ph.D., senior fellow and principal associate for Social and Economic Policy at Abt. Khadduri said limited data exists on the impact of such time limits.
11/9/16 - The Evolution of Survey Research The Measure of Everyday Life (WNCU-FM – North Carolina Central University)

Mark Schulman, founding partner and research chief of Abt SRBI, was interviewed on the program “The Measure of Everyday Life” about how the field of survey research has evolved and forced him and others to adapt.
11/3/16 - Addressing Opioid Abuse with Analytics, Population Health Strategies HealthITAnalytics

Doug McDonald and Kenneth Carlson, respectively a principal associate and a senior associate for U.S. Health at Abt, were quoted about their research extreme opioid users in a feature story about opioid abuse. 
11/2/16 - Open Enrollment Opens to High Demand Politico

Sean McClellan, associate at Abt, was quoted in a healthcare news roundup about a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services payment rule that will discourage hospitals from buying physician practices.
10/20/16 - Tanzania: 3,000 Lives Lost to Food Poison Yearly - Experts All Africa

A web story cited an earlier report by Abt as the foundation for a new report on the health and economic impact of aflatoxins in Tanzania.
10/19/16 - The Polling Crisis: How to Tell What People Really Think Nature

A news story quoted Michael Link, president and CEO of Abt SRBI, talking about combination of art and science that goes into modern polling. 
10/18/16 - One More Time With Zika: Investment in Prevention Costs Less, Means Better Health Huffington Post

Deborah Klein Walker, Ed.D., vice president and senior fellow, writes that public health threats such as Zika will cost us much less to prevent that to treat people who contract it. Treating a child with microcephaly, for example, could cost more than $1 million over his or her lifetime.
10/17/16 - Not All Polls Are Created Equal HBO’s Vice News Tonight

Mark Schulman, founding partner and research chief of Abt SRBI, discusses the level of effort required to of produce high-quality poll results.
10/16/16 - Enthusiasm for Donald Trump Fades, Yet Partisanship Keeps It Close ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that while Hillary Clinton has a higher percentage of enthusiastic supporters than Donald Trump, Clinton only leads Trump by 47 percent to 43 percent among registered/likely voters.
10/11/16 - California Won’t Extend Parental Leave Rights To Small Businesses Kaiser Health News

A news story cited an Abt report for the Department of Labor that found 16 percent of workers who were eligible for leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act in 2012 took it, usually because of their own illness. 
10/5/16 - The Clear Value of Preschool Useable Knowledge

Todd Grindal, senior associate at Abt, was quoted in a blog post that focused on a study he co-wrote about the measurable value of pre-school programs, such as Head Start, compared to home-based child care.
9/23/16 - Driving an Electric Car May Be Fun But It Does Not Equal Moral Superiority KTAR-FM (Austin, Texas)

An editorial on electric cars quoted a study by Abt Associates on the environmental impact of lithium-ion batteries used in cars.
9/22/16 - Rapid Adoption of Bundled Payments Remains an Act of Faith Modern Healthcare

A news story mentioned a report co-written by Abt Associates on the value of bundled payments in Medicare. 
9/20/16 - ‘A Trifecta of Bad Outcomes’ The Crime Report

A news report quoted Michael Costa, principal associate at Abt, saying that poor follow up care for HIV-positive people leaving jail will have serious repercussions. 
9/13/16 - Jamaica a Regional Leader in Mainstreaming Climate Change Jamaica Observer

USAID’s environmental officer praised the Abt-led Climate Economic Analysis for Development Investment and Resilience (CEADIR) Project in a news story for helping to get the Jamaican government to consider climate change as part of national development.
9/12/16 - Taking the Pulse of Health Markets: Challenges and Strategies Devex

A news story quoted Laurel Hatt – health finance lead for the USAID-funded, Abt-led Health Finance and Governance Project – about how to increase health funding in countries where the formal sector is much smaller than the informal sector.
9/8/16 - Concern About Terrorist Attacks Is Growing, 15 Years After 9/11 Huffington Post

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 40 percent of adults think terrorists are better able to launching an attack on the U.S. than in 2001 – the largest percentage since 2002. 
9/8/16 - Concern About Terrorist Attacks Is Growing, 15 Years After 9/11 Huffington Post

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 40 percent of adults think terrorists are better able to launching an attack on the U.S. than in 2001 – the largest percentage since 2002. 
8/31/16 - LHC: Hard to Judge Proposed Revamp of Medicare Payment System Home Health Care News

A news story detailed the proposed revisions to Medicare home health payment that Abt developed for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
8/30/16 - Western Health Programs Transition Vital in Health Service Delivery Papua New Guinea Today

A news story discussed the progress of health service programs in Papua New Guinea implemented by Abt Associates. 
8/28/16 - A Texas Surprise and the Future of Disparate Impact Claims in Housing NonProfit Quarterly

A story about the location of tax-subsidized low-income housing in Texas cited an Abt report that found the same type of housing in Ohio was disproportionately located in higher-poverty neighborhoods.
8/19/16 - Ask E. Jean: How Do I Plan for Life After the Military? Elle Magazine

An advice columnist cited an Abt study for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs that found 18 percent of recently separated service members are currently unemployed, and 25 percent earn less than $21,840 a year. 
8/18/16 - Should Low-Income Housing Be More Widespread in Ohio? Editorial Board Roundtable Cleveland Plain Dealer

Newspaper editorial board members discussed the action that should be taken in response to a report by Abt Associates which found that Ohio awards tax credits for affordable housing projects located primarily in neighborhoods with high poverty and racial segregation. 
8/17/16 - Not Enough Low-Income Housing is Being Built in Better Neighborhoods, Report Finds Cleveland Plain Dealer

A report by Abt Associates found that Ohio awards tax credits for affordable housing projects located primarily in neighborhoods with high poverty and racial segregation.
8/8/16 - Zika Concerns Remain Stable Despite its Arrival on the Mainland (POLL) ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that seven in 10 Americans have confidence that the federal government will be able to respond effectively to the Zika disease, despite inaction on funding in Congress. 
7/28/16 - New Research Call Center Opens in McAllen Rio Grande Guardian

A news story focused on the Abt SRBI call center opening in McAllen, Texas. The center employs more than 120 people and is expected to increase its staff further. 
7/20/16 - Views on Experience vs. Outsider Status Pose a Potential Challenge for Trump (POLL) ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI from July 11-14 finds that 55 percent of Americans prefer a president with “experience in how the political system works” compared to 41 percent who prefer “someone from outside the existing political establishment.”
7/18/16 - When It Comes To Publicly Funded Preschool, Are We Asking The Wrong Questions And Getting The Wrong Answers? The Huffington Post

Researchers have examined the value of preschool for half a century, but they should focus on what children would be doing if these preschools didn’t exist, according to an op-ed co-written by Abt’s Todd Grindal.
7/4/16 - HPV Vaccine Protecting Women from Cervical Cancer in Fiji ABC News (Australia)

Work by the Fiji Health Sector Support Program (FHSSP), led by Abt JTA, was the focus of a radio news segment in Australia.
7/1/16 - Crime Worsens Climate Change (and Vice Versa) Univision Noticias Planet

What is the association between climate change and crime? Matt Ranson, associate for Environment and Natural Resources at Abt, discusses his research on high temperatures and crime and what that might mean for the future.
6/30/16 - Broad Support for Zika Funding, But Less Urgency or Concern (POLL) ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 73 percent of Americans support the Obama administration’s $2 billion funding proposal to fight Zika, but only 46 percent of them say Congress should immediately approve it.
6/28/16 - Healthy-Food Rebates Improve Diet in Poor Families MedPage Today

An article from MedPage Today highlights Abt’s research on financial incentives and how they can help low-income families buy and eat healthier foods. Lauren Olsho, PhD, a principle associate in Abt’s USH division, is highlighted.
6/28/16 - Zika Sets Off Urgent and Complex Communications Effort from CDC Advertising Age

An article about the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) response to Zika mentioned Abt, which is assisting the CDC with productions, marketing and communications.
6/20/16 - Can public shaming end sex trafficking? USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Abt’s Michael Shively discusses Demand Forum and ways communities across America are trying to end sex trafficking and prostitution.
6/14/16 - College Graduation Rates for Boston Students are Up, but That’s Not the Whole Picture Boston Globe

A news report cited Abt research documenting increasing college graduation rates. 
6/14/16 - The Price of Keeping Kids Fed in the Summer Governing Magazine

Abt Associates’ research is highlighted in a new article from Governing magazine. Abt and its partners conducted a rigorous evaluation of the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children (SEBTC) as an alternative, additional approach to providing food assistance to children over the summer.
6/9/16 - Experts Recommend Changes to Home Health Star Ratings Home Health Care News

A news report summarized the recommendations of a panel convened by Abt Associates in May to improve Health Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings. 
5/29/16 - SAVING LIVES: How Australian Foreign Aid Helps Save Thousands of Fijian Children Nine News Darwin

A TV news report focused on the work of the Fiji Health Sector Support Program (FHSSP), led by Abt JTA. FHSSP’s work includes improving maternal and child health. 
5/27/16 - State Report Puts Price on Worst-Case Oil Terminal Spills The Columbian

A news story cited a report coauthored by Abt staff estimating that the cost of a catastrophic oil spill in the Port of Vancouver would be $170 million and take decades to clean up.
5/27/16 - Abt Associates Ranked Among Top USAID Contractors for 2015 Devex

Abt was ranked the seventh-largest USAID contractor in 2015 as measured by the value of contracts it held. 
5/24/16 - Study: Risk Assessment Software Twice as Likely to Mislabel Black Defendants as High Risk Atlanta Black Star

A study on recidivism co-authored by William Rhodes, PhD, a principal scientist for U.S. Health at Abt, was featured in the Atlanta Black Star.
5/19/16 - Paid Leave Would Cost $159 Per Worker, UMass Report Finds Boston Globe

A news story about the cost of paid paternity leave cited a 2012 Abt study for the Department of Labor. The study found that nearly one in four women go back to work within two weeks of giving birth.
5/13/16 - Poll Shows Rising Approval for Georgia’s Isakson as Primary Nears Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that the approval rating of U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R, Ga.) has increased by seven percentage points since January.
5/12/16 - Numbers Elusive When It Comes to Trafficking NPR/American Public Media

Michael Shively, a senior associate at Abt, was quoted in a news story about the difficulty of estimating the scale of sex trafficking in the U.S.
5/11/16 - EPA Selects Abt for Chemical Pollution Economic Analysis, Modeling Services ExecutiveBiz

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Abt Associates a five-year, $17 million contract to perform economic analysis and computer modeling work in an effort to help the EPA study and aim to mitigate chemical pollution.
4/26/16 - How Zika Presents a Teachable Moment for Caring for Children with Disabilities Huffington Post

Deborah Klein Walker, a vice president for U.S. Health at Abt, wrote a blog about the issue of how countries will care for children who suffer disabilities due to the Zika virus. 
4/4/16 - Teen Driving Laws' Unexpected Impact on Crime Governing Magazine

Daniel Litwok, a senior analyst with Abt, was quoted in a story about a study about teen driving he co-authored. The study found that graduated driver’s license laws for teenagers also reduced teen crime.
4/1/16 - The End of Welfare as We Know It The Atlantic

Jacob Klerman, principal associate and senior fellow at Abt, was quoted in a story about welfare reform. Klerman noted that the U.S. has not been successful with job training programs.
3/31/16 - Tesla’s Electric Cars Aren’t as Green as You Might Think Wired

Abt’s Shanika Amarakoon was quoted about battery recycling in a magazine article about the environmental impact of Tesla’s cars.
3/29/16 - Polls Are Getting Harder and More Expensive to Get Right, and That’s Not Changing Paste Magazine

A news article about the difficulties of polling via mobile phones mentioned Abt SRBI Founding Partner and Chief Research Officer Mark Schulman.
3/22/16 - In Maine, Intervention Smooths 9th Graders' Paths Education Week

A news story mentioned an Abt evaluation of the Building Assets-Reducing Risks program, aimed at smoothing students' transition from middle to high school through a system that enables teachers to direct more attention to students' academic, emotional, and social needs.
3/18/16 - Mali: Spraying Inside Home: Program Expands to Fana Health District (In French) MaliActu.net

The President’s Malaria Initiative Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project (PMI AIRS) has been conducting indoor residual spraying in multiple districts in Mali, but now is expanding to a fourth – Fana Health District.
3/18/16 - Women Blazing the Trail: How Social Entrepreneurship Can Solve Global Challenges Global Daily

To help aspiring social entrepreneurs get their ventures off the ground, Abt Associates recently partnered with Global Daily, Vital Voices Global Partnership and the Halcyon Incubator to host a panel discussion on creating sustainable social enterprises.
3/17/16 - How ‘Supportive Housing’ Can End Chronic Homelessness The Washington Monthly

A news story on permanent supportive housing mentioned an Abt evaluation of a program in Los Angeles that has helped more than 10,000 people obtain such housing.
3/15/16 - A Make-or-Break Moment in the War on Homelessness Governing

Abt’s Jill Khadduri and Brooke Spellman said in a magazine article that organizations offering permanent supportive housing should look to provide additional services by engaging with non-traditional partners, such as the business community. 
3/13/16 - The Roots of Trumpismo: Populism and Pushback (POLL) ABC News

Support for Donald Trump has two broad themes: economic discontent and a desire for traditional authority, according to a poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI.
3/10/16 - Public Backs Scalia Replacement Hearings by Nearly 2-1 (POLL) Good Morning America

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 63 percent of Americans support hearings and a vote on an Obama nominee to replace the late Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia.
3/7/16 - The Affordable Care Act at Five Years: Where Is Prevention? Huffington Post

Deborah Klein Walker, Abt vice president and senior fellow, said in an op-ed that the Affordable Care Act has produced measurable improvements in health care delivery, but that more needs to be done on prevention and public health.
3/3/16 - New Projects Attack Shortage of Assisted-Living Space Rapid City Journal

A news story about assisted-living facilities mentioned a study by Abt which predicted that demand for beds in such facilities in South Dakota is expected to nearly triple by 2035.
3/3/16 - Slice The Price Of Fruits And Veggies, Save 200,000 Lives? NPR

A news report about the possible health impact of less expensive fruits and vegetables quoted Abt Principal Associate Susan Bartlett about an Abt evaluation of a federal program to financially incentivize the purchase of fruit and vegetables. 
2/28/16 - It’s Time for All Maine Leaders, LePage Included, to Honor Promises to Seniors Bangor Daily News

A news story about housing funding for seniors in Maine mentioned a report by Abt that concluded Maine will face a shortage of 15,000 affordable rental units by 2022 without further action.
2/1/16 - Bethesda Cares Conducts Annual ‘Point-In-Time Count’ of Homeless Individuals Bethesda Magazine

A news story noted that staff members from Abt Associates’ Bethesda office once again participated in the annual point-in-time count of people experiencing homelessness. The count is organized by Bethesda Cares, a homeless service organization.
1/27/16 - Clinton’s Lead over Sanders Shrinks to its Smallest Margin ABC-7 (San Francisco)

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI finds that Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders nationally has shrunk to 55-36 percent among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who are registered to vote. 
1/27/16 - Seattle's Homeless Crisis: Can Other Cities Offer a Path Forward? Christian Science Monitor

Tom Albanese, a senior associate at Abt, was quoted in a story about the persistence of urban homelessness despite overall decreases in the number of homeless people. 
1/25/16 - New York Wants to Close the Gap between Public Housing Residents and Wall Street Bankers Next City

A news article about gentrification and public housing in New York City cited an Abt Associates study for the New York City Housing Authority that examined the effects of gentrification on public housing residents.
1/14/16 - The Special Education Graduation Gap Huffington Post

Todd Grindal, Associate for Social and Economic Policy at Abt Associates, co-wrote an op-ed highlighting continued low graduation rates for special education students despite gains in other students’ graduation rates.
1/11/16 - Georgians Back Gambling, Medical Marijuana as General Assembly Begins Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A news story cited a poll by Abt SRBI which found that 62 percent of Georgians support legalizing casino gambling and 72 percent support creating a medical marijuana harvest and distribution system. 
1/2/16 - Unseen Factors in Recent Police Violence Decisions Philadelphia Tribune

A story about the prosecution of police accused of murder quoted Abt researcher Matthew Ranson about the effect of weather on crime.