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Abt Associates in Malawi
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Abt Associates: Des esprits audacieux ayant un impact dans le monde réel
Abt Associates’ Global Work in Climate Change
Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery: Supporting Comprehensive Strategies and Integrated Services
AgResults Impact Evaluation Project
Air Quality: Improving Our Environment. Protecting Our Health
AirCounts: Reducing Air Pollution for Healthier Living
An Effective Partnership for Health Systems Strengthening: The PATHS2 Legacy in Northern Nigeria
Anatomy of a Health Care Transformation: USAID’s 20-Year Legacy of Health Systems Strengthening in Central Asia
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Chronic Disease: Creating Solutions to Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases
Climate Change Capabilities
Data Analytics: Adding Value and Expanding Capacity Through Rigorous, Innovative Data Analysis
Disability and Rehabilitation Studies: Working to Improve Lives
Drugs, Crime and Justice: Evaluating Linkages and Developing Models to End Demand
eHealth & Technology
Environment & Resources: Solving Environmental Challenges in a Complex World
Environmental Health: Improving Our Environment. Protecting Our Health
Evaluation for Development: Abt Associates’ Expertise in Practice
Experimental Evaluations: Assessing Policy and Program Impacts
Fighting Malaria with High-Impact Interventions
Food Assistance Programs and Nutrition Research and Evaluation: Supporting Strategies for Improved Food Security
Gender Equality and Female Empowerment
Global Climate Change: Strategies for Mitigating and Adapting to a Changing World
Health Benefits Analysis: Improving Our Environment. Protecting Our Health.
Health Disparities: Improving the Health of Underserved Populations
Health Finance & Governance: Stronger, Smarter, Sustainable Health Systems
Health Information Technology
Health Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Health Systems Strengthening and Enhanced Surveillance to Prevent or Minimize Disease Outbreaks
HealthRise: Improving Care For Chronic Diseases
Housing and Communities: Delivering Solutions to Ensure Vulnerable Americans have a Place to Call Home
Improving Family Planning/Reproductive Health Services
Improving Health Financing to Move Towards Universal Health Coverage
Improving the Delivery of Health Services Worldwide
Influenza: Evaluating Vaccine Effectiveness and Monitoring Flu Immunizations for Improved Prevention Efforts
Innovations in Digital Health Communications
Integrated Climate Change Adaptation, Land Use and Watershed Management Plan for the Grijalva-Usumacinta River Basin
International Food Security & Agriculture: For Healthy People and Economies
International Health Sector Governance: Improving Health Governance to Strengthen Health Systems
International Health: Achieving Sustainable Health Impact
Maternal and Child Health: Expanding Access and Improving Outcomes
Maternal, Newborn & Child Health & Child Survival
Meeting and Public Hearing Support: Comprehensive Support for Meetings of all Types and Sizes
Mental Health: Fostering Workable Solutions in Prevention, Treatment, and Policy
Mexico Economic Policy Program (MEPP)
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Applied Research in International Health
New Perspectives in Health Systems Strengthening
Non-Communicable Diseases: Strengthening Health Systems to Manage a Growing Burden
Nutrition Research and Evaluation: Supporting Strategies for Improved Health and Wellness
Partnering with the Private Sector to Improve Public Health Outcomes
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Leveraging Research to Improve PTSD Prevention and Treatment Services
Public Comment and Response Support
Regulatory and Economic Analysis: Informing Policy Decisions to Protect Human Health and the Environment
Republic of Tajikistan: Building Capacity for Climate Resilience
Responding to the HIV Epidemic in the U.S.
Responding to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic around the World
Risk and Resilience: Increasing the Resilience of Households and Communities
Santé internationale: Avoir un impact durable sur la santé
SHOPS: Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector
Social and Behavior Change Communication: Achieving Sustainable Health Impact
Social Marketing and Health Communications: Cutting-Edge, Field-Tested and Award-Winning Strategies
SPI-Path: Social Policy Impact Pathfinder
Strengthening Health Systems to Combat Tuberculosis
Supporting Strategies to Improve Skills, Employment, and Earnings
The GxAlert Initiative
The PMI Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project
U.S. Health: Engaging Science and Imagination
Workforce, Income and Food Security: Working to improve the financial and social well-being of America's children, families and workers.
Youth Development