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Current Issue

December 2017

  • Coastal Restoration: What Is the Path Forward?
  • Arsenic in Infant Rice Cereal Linked to Billions of Dollars in Health Impacts
  • Building Public-Private Alliances to Fight the HIV Epidemic
  • The Best Evidence and Policies to Prevent Family Homelessness

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Past Issues

October 2017

  • Coastal Restoration: Will We Know It When We See It?
  • Helping Low-Income Families Improve Economic Security
  • How Can We Prepare for and Respond to Disasters?
  • Tackling Vector-Borne Diseases Worldwide

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August 2017

  • Abt Associates Taps Power of Blockchain Technology to Transform Development
  • Stopping Zika Before It Starts
  • Research for the Real-World: New Book Highlights Realities and Lessons from Public Policy Research
  • Abt Associates Wins USAID Award for Small Business Partnership Success

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June 2017

  • Abt Associates Ranked Among Top 10 Research Firms
  • How Can Data Help Fight Corruption?
  • Making Opioid Prescribing Safer
  • Abt Associates Expands Presence along Gulf Coast

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April 2017

  • Abt Launches Cutting-Edge Data Science Practice
  • Detailing the Environmental Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  • Evaluation: Preschool Access Pays Off in Massachusetts
  • Video: Transparency, Thinking and Working Politically in Governance 

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February 2017

  • Institutions: Can Development Wait that Long?
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Saves Lives, Generates $5.7 Billion in Benefits
  • What Works? Conducting and Applying International Research and Evaluation
  • The Next Generation: Engaging and Empowering Youth Worldwide

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December 2016

  • Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health: A Vision for the Future
  • Global Health Security Threats: Are We Prepared?
  • Lessons from 17 U.S. Communities on Reducing Climate Change Risks
  • PATHS2: Transforming the Nigerian Health System

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October 2016

  • Taking the Temperature: What’s the Link Between Climate Change and Health?
  • Veteran Homelessness Cut in Half
  • Open Government Program Helping to Prevent Corruption in Mexico
  • A Multi-Faceted Approach to Expanding Access to Quality Health Care in Ethiopia

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July 2016

  • How Prepared for Zika are Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean?
  • Abt Researchers Contribute to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan
  • Fighting Hunger When School is Out: New Evidence from the Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children
  • Videos: Speaking Out About Family Planning, Gender Roles in Jordan

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May 2016

  • Groundbreaking Assessment Provides Insight on the Potential Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Health
  • Working Across Nigeria to Improve Health, Governance, and Food Security
  • Research Informs New CDC Opioid Prescription Guidelines Designed to Reduce Overdose Deaths
  • Are Homeless Families Connected to the Social Safety Net? Research Brief Examines Trends

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March 2016

  • Mobilizing Against Zika
  • Rethinking U.S. Food Policy: Forum Highlights Evidence, Policy Options
  • Study Finds Hospice Programs Lag in Last Days of Life, Especially for Blacks
  • How Can Asia Use Fiscal Instruments to Move to a Green Economy?

December 2015

  • Bold Thinkers Series Event Addresses Climate Change Financing, Role of Cities
  • World AIDS Day 2015: Abt Research and Partnerships Tackle HIV and AIDS
  • New Study Finds Vietnam Vets with PTSD More Likely to Die than Vets Without
  • Abt Panel in UK Looks Ahead at Meeting the Reproductive Health Needs of Women and Girls

October 2015

  • New Global Project to Expand Private Sector’s Ability to Deliver Health Services in Developing Countries
  • Forum Highlights Impact, Policy Implications of Study on Housing Stability and Family Well-Being
  • Twenty Years of Health System Strengthening in Central Asia Delivers Better Primary Care Overall
  • Abt Expands Climate Change Adaptation Capabilities

July 2015

  • Progress in Family Planning, HIV and AIDS, and Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Celebrated by SHOPS Project
  • Offering Vouchers to Families Experiencing Homelessness Has Benefits Beyond Housing
  • U.S. to See Massive Benefits if Action is Taken on Climate Change Globally
  • Nursing Home Compare: Continuously Improving Health Care Ratings

May 2015

  • Integrating Family Planning Services into Selected Private Hospitals in Bangladesh
  • Increasing Use of Rapid Cycle Evaluation
  • Abt Associates Expands Work Evaluating New Agricultural Development Model
  • Helping to Reduce Homelessness among America's Veterans

March 2015

  • Stratus Consulting Merges with Abt Associates
  • Abt Public-Private Partnership Event Closes Celebration of Firms 50th Anniversary
  • Abt Leads Mini-U Sessions on Health Systems Strengthening, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, and Non-communicable Diseases
  • EVIRATER: New Evaluation System Rates the Strength of Evidence

January 2015

  • Abt Associates Supports Countries Working to Achieve Universal Health Coverage
  • Improving Programs that Address Infant Mortality and Child Health in the U.S.
  • Abt Goes Orange for the #16Days of Activism against Gender Violence Campaign
  • Providing a Comprehensive Picture of Nutrition in Child Care Facilities

November 2014

  • Report Finds Declines in the Nation’s Homeless Population
  • Abt Associates Expands Efforts to Reduce Burden of Malaria in Africa, Wins Major Contract to Work in 15 Countries
  • Abt Wins HHS/ACF Funding to Continue Groundbreaking Work for Career Pathways
  • Baby-Friendly Hospitals Promoted Under New Project with the CDC

September 2014

  • Initial Findings: National Vietnam Veteran Study Reveals Long-Term Course of PTSD and Link to Chronic Health Conditions
  • AIDS 2014: Committing to a Sustained Response
  • Increasing Resilience in Fragile Nations
  • Abt Associates Awarded Contract by CMS to Design, Test Innovative Payment and Service Delivery Models under Affordable Care Act

June 2014

  • USAID Jordan Mission Director Praises Abt-Led Maternal Health Work During Visit by Abt CEO
  • Researchers at Joint Abt-APPAM Forum Explore New Frontiers in Evaluation; 'What Works'
  • Assessments and Tools Help Indonesia Balance Economic Growth with Environmental Preservation
  • Abt Wins $48.6 million USAID Trade Hub and African Partners Network Contract

March 2014

  • New Directions in Social Experiments Event Kicks off Celebration of Abt's 50th Anniversary
  • Abt Opens U.K. Office with Event on Private Sector Health
  • Survey: Prisons, Jails Miss Opportunities for HIV Testing, Post-Release Treatment
  • Abt-led Maternal & Child Health Project Transitions to Dominican Republic Government Program

January 2014

  • America's Homelessness Continues Downward Trend, Despite Nearly 1.5 Million Americans Using Shelters, Abt Studies Find
  • PATHS2 Volunteer Transport Helps Nigerian Women Access Emergency Obstetric Care
  • Survey to Explore Pervasiveness, Impact of Intimate Partner Violence under New CDC Contract
  • Abt-led Malaria Project Helps Prevent Insecticide Resistance through Education

November 2013

  • Evaluations of U.S. Food Programs Show Reductions in Childhood Hunger and Improvements in Nutrition
  • ATN Plus Increases Access to Life-Saving Interventions in Mali
  • Event Highlights Abt's Leadership in Developing International Climate Change Policy
  • Survey: Half of all Pregnant Women Getting Flu Shots; Vaccination Rates Increase for Health Care Personnel

September 2013

  • USDA's Summer Food Demonstration Program Helps Combat Child Hunger, Study Finds
  • Study Estimates that 4.3 Million Prescriptions for Painkillers Were Diverted to Illicit Use by "Doctor Shoppers"
  • Wajibika Project Strengthens Local Leadership in Tanzania
  • Abt's GxAlert Innovation Allows TB Test Results to be Distributed in Seconds

July 2013

  • Abt Associates Promotes Leading-Edge Practices at Women Deliver 2013
  • Time/Abt SRBI Poll: American Public Ambivalent on Surveillance Program
  • Abt Associates' CarbonCountsTM Adopted by Massachusetts to Manage Commonwealth's 2020 Clean Energy and Climate Plan
  • 2013 Annual Review Highlights Abt Innovation, Execution, Thought Leadership

May 2013

  • Anticipating and Responding to Climate Change
  • Malaria: A Disease We Can Defeat 
  • Study: Program to Provide Students Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Linked to Higher Consumption
  • Food Security Event Explores How Mycotoxins Threaten Health, Development in Africa

February 2013

  • Abt Associates Acquires Australian Health and Social Science Firm JTA International  
  • New Online Resource Details More Than 900 U.S. Initiatives to Combat Sex Trafficking
  • Mali Coup Leads to Abt Innovation: The Insectary-in-a-Box
  • Conference Spotlights Regional Trade's Crucial Role in West Africa's Food Security
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