12/19/13 - Professional Services Council Elects Abt Associates CEO to New Leadership Post
12/10/13 - Abt Associates Names Prominent Social Science Researcher as Vice President
11/21/13 - America’s Homelessness Continues Downward Trend, Despite Nearly 1.5 Million Americans Using Shelters, Abt Studies Find
11/18/13 - Center for Research on Hispanic Children and Families to be Established
11/14/13 - First Lady of Ethiopia Joins Abt Associates in Celebration of “Full Access Full Choice” at the 2013 International Conference on Family Planning
11/14/13 - Abt Associates to Evaluate Effectiveness of Training of Community-based Providers in Care of Female Victims of Trauma
11/13/13 - Study: Wealth Plays Role in Use of Long-Acting Family Planning Methods
11/11/13 - Study: Malaria-Control Efforts in Zambia Associated with Reduced Costs, Malaria-Related Admissions in Two Hospitals
11/8/13 - Abt Associates CEO Kathleen Flanagan Named Executive of the Year
11/6/13 - Quality Improvement Project Helps Cut Maternal Deaths by Half in Dominican Republic Hospitals
11/4/13 - Abt Associates Wins Major Contract with CDC to Study Flu Vaccine Effectiveness
10/30/13 - Abt Associates to Provide Comprehensive Leadership Development Program for Behavioral Health Providers
10/23/13 - Abt to Evaluate Effectiveness of Job Search Assistance Strategies for Needy Families
10/21/13 - Abt Associates to Evaluate NSF Program to Encourage International Collaboration among Researchers
10/4/13 - Abt Associates Recognized for Environmental Practices
10/1/13 - Study: Jails Provide Opportunity for Effective Linkage to HIV Care
9/30/13 - Abt Associates to Develop Progress Report on Massachusetts’ Implementation of Its Global Warming Solutions Act
9/26/13 - Half of all Pregnant Women Getting Flu Shots; Vaccination Rates Increase for Health Care Personnel, Surveys Find
9/25/13 - Abt Associates to Analyze and Manage Federal Justice Statistics
9/23/13 - Abt Associates Awarded $27M Contract to Provide Economic and Environmental Analytical Support to EPA’s Office of Water
9/18/13 - Abt Associates to Provide Technical Assistance to Address Homelessness and Guide Community Development Nationwide
9/16/13 - Abt Associates to Develop Revisions to Home Health Prospective Payment System
9/12/13 - Abt Associates to Evaluate Hospital Innovations Designed to Improve Care, Lower Costs
8/27/13 - VA Program Helps Veteran Families Prevent, End Homelessness, Report Finds
8/26/13 - Challenge Fund to Support Health Care Innovations in Ethiopia, Kenya Names Awardees
8/5/13 - Wide Disparities in ADHD Treatment Suggest Flawed Management of the Disorder
8/1/13 - USDA’s Summer Food Demonstration Program Helps Combat Child Hunger, Study Finds
7/24/13 - New General Counsel Joins Abt Associates
7/17/13 - Study Estimates that 4.3 Million Prescriptions for Painkillers Were Diverted to Illicit Use by “Doctor Shoppers”
7/9/13 - Quality of Nation’s Nursing Homes Improving under Five-Star Quality Rating System
6/28/13 - Abt Associates Names New Vice Presidents
6/28/13 - Improvements to Ethiopia’s Health Sector, Evaluation of Nutrition Programs Among Efforts Recognized by Abt Associates For Social Impact
6/26/13 - Abt Associates to Measure and Manage Carbon Emissions
6/26/13 - Study: Supplemental Tutoring Services for Low-Income Students in Chicago Increase Math, Reading Scores
6/20/13 - Abt SRBI Ranked among Top U.S. Survey Research Firms by Honomichl
6/18/13 - Abt Associates’ CarbonCounts Adopted by Massachusetts to Manage Commonwealth’s 2020 Clean Energy and Climate Plan
5/28/13 - Study Identifies Benefits and Potential Environmental/Health Impacts of Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles
5/8/13 - Prominent Housing and Community Development Expert to Join Abt Associates
4/29/13 - Abt Associates Wins Contract to Support Economic Growth in Mexico
4/24/13 - Are H-1B Technical Skills Training Grants Improving Employment and Earnings of American Workers?
4/18/13 - Abt Associates Names New Senior Fellows
4/17/13 - Native American Tribes Learn to Protect Air Quality with Help from Abt Associates
4/15/13 - International Monitoring and Evaluation Expert James Gribble Joins Abt Associates
3/29/13 - Study: Program to Provide Students Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at School Linked to Higher Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
3/28/13 - Homeless Assistance Programs Face Constraints, Exclude Many Families in Shelters Who Are Most in Need, Interim Report Finds
3/19/13 - Higher Performance of Charter School Students Tied to School’s Autonomy, Study Finds
3/18/13 - IES Gives Top Grades to Abt Associates for Ensuring Rigorous Local Evaluations of “Striving Readers” Programs
3/12/13 - Lifelong Antiretroviral Treatment for HIV-Infected Pregnant Women Prevents Infection in Children, Saves Mothers’ Lives, Study Finds
2/28/13 - Electronic Rx Order Processing Averted 17 Million Medication Errors in U.S., Abt Study Finds
2/25/13 - DOL’s Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Program to Undergo Rigorous Evaluation
2/6/13 - Abt Associates Acquires Australian Health and Social Science Firm JTA International
1/28/13 - Meryl Finkel, Ph.D., Appointed Housing & Communities Practice Leader at Abt Associates
1/24/13 - Prominent Research Expert Elected to APPAM’s Policy Council
1/15/13 - Ending Prostitution: New Online Resource Details 900+ U.S. Initiatives to Combat Sex Trafficking
1/11/13 - Abt Associates Awarded New Project to Reduce Malaria in Kenya