12/9/14 - Abt Associates Joins Mayor Walsh in Closing Gender-Based Wage Gap
12/1/14 - Experienced Business Development Leader Joins Abt Associates
11/25/14 - Abt Associates to Evaluate Program to Help Community College Students Earn Degrees
11/24/14 - Providing a Comprehensive Picture of Nutrition in Child Care Facilities
11/14/14 - Abt Associates CEO Kathleen Flanagan Receives Women Who Mean Business Award
11/5/14 - Grant-funded Training Programs Evaluated under New Contract with the U.S. Department of Labor
11/4/14 - Abt Associates to Develop and Evaluate Procedures for Coordinating Care and Ensuring Safe Use of Chronic Opioid Therapy for Patients with Non-Cancer Pain
11/3/14 - Healthy Heart Africa Programme in Kenya to be Evaluated
10/30/14 - Report Finds Declines in the Nation’s Homeless Population
10/24/14 - Abt Associates Named in Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts
10/22/14 - Abt Wins New Projects to Evaluate, Support Pay for Success Programs
10/21/14 - Abt Wins HHS/ACF Funding to Continue Groundbreaking Work for Career Pathways
10/9/14 - Baby-Friendly Hospitals Promoted Under New Project with the CDC
10/7/14 - Abt Continues Evaluation of Effort to End Chronic Homelessness in Los Angeles
10/2/14 - Abt Associates Expands Efforts to Reduce Burden of Malaria in Africa: Wins Major Contract to Work in 15 Countries
9/30/14 - New Project to Extend Integrated Health Services across Borders
9/30/14 - Contract to Support EPA’s Conference and Meeting Planning Services
9/24/14 - Award to Help Coastal Communities Address Economic, Natural Risks
9/23/14 - New Study Identifies Alternative Options for Funding HIV Programs
9/19/14 - New Project Aims to Reduce Burden of Tuberculosis in the Kyrgyz Republic
9/18/14 - Redmond Joins Abt Associates to Lead Business Development for International Health
9/16/14 - Prominent Methodologist Joins Abt Associates
9/2/14 - Abt Associates to Conduct Global Influenza Studies/Establish Platform for CDC’s Research in the Event of a Worldwide Flu Pandemic
8/13/14 - Prominent EPA Scientist Joins Abt Associates’ Environmental Practice
8/8/14 - Initial Findings: National Vietnam Veteran Study Reveals Long-Term Course of PTSD and Link to Chronic Health Conditions
8/6/14 - New Contract to Improve the Effectiveness of High-Impact, Evidence-based HIV Interventions Awarded
8/5/14 - Abt Associates Promotes Health Economist Alan White to Leadership Position
7/28/14 - Abt Associates Tapped by USAID to Increase Demand for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services in Jordan
7/22/14 - Investments in HIV and AIDS Help Reduce New HIV Infections, AIDS-Related Deaths, New Analysis Shows
7/16/14 - Abt Associates Tapped to Support Roca as the Nonprofit Participates in the Massachusetts’ Pay for Success Project
7/14/14 - Abt Associates to Assess St. Vincent De Paul’s Rapid Rehousing Front Door Program
7/14/14 - Abt Associates Presents Its Latest Research at International AIDS Conference
7/10/14 - International Family Planning Specialist Joins Abt Associates
7/10/14 - Abt Associates Awarded Contract by CMS to Design, Test Innovative Payment and Service Delivery Models under Affordable Care Act
7/9/14 - Abt SRBI to Conduct Maryland Survey on Smoking, Cancer and Chronic Disease: Data to Help Inform Public Health Initiatives, Encourage Healthy Behavior
7/1/14 - Abt Associates to Broaden Understanding of the Value of Educational Services to Advance Learning and Careers of Adult Basic Skills Learners
6/27/14 - Protection Against Malaria, Research on Climate Change Among Efforts Recognized by Abt Associates
6/18/14 - Abt Associates to Support $19 million USAID Project to Help Governments, Private Sector Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change
6/17/14 - Abt Associates Data Informs New Rules to Cut Power Plant Emissions
6/6/14 - Abt Associates to Evaluate the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Substance Abuse Strategic Initiative
6/4/14 - Abt SRBI Ranked as Top Firm
5/28/14 - Abt Associates to Support OSHA in Assuring Safe, Healthy Working Conditions
5/22/14 - Abt Associates to Support Communities’ Economic Growth under New National Resource Network
5/13/14 - Abt Associates to Assess Economic Effects of Endangered Species’ ‘Critical’ Habitat Designation under U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Award
5/1/14 - Abt Associates to Support DOL’s Efforts to Improve Knowledge of Workers’ Rights among Hard-to-Reach Populations
3/25/14 - Abt Associates Wins $48.6 million USAID Trade Hub and African Partners Network Contract
3/12/14 - Elizabeth Teehan Named Chief Operating Officer of Abt SRBI
3/4/14 - Survey: Prisons, Jails Miss Opportunities for HIV Testing, Post-Release Treatment
2/27/14 - Abt Associates Opens Office in the United Kingdom
2/21/14 - Global Warming to Trigger Increase in Violence in U.S., Comprehensive Study of Crime, Weather and Climate Change Confirms
2/12/14 - Prominent Workforce Development and Education Expert Joins Abt Associates
1/28/14 - Abt Associates to Expand the National Evaluation of i3 under New Education Award
1/14/14 - International Expert on HIV and AIDS Joins Abt Associates
1/9/14 - Abt Associates Survey to Explore Pervasiveness, Impact of Intimate Partner Violence under New CDC Contract
1/8/14 - Abt Associates Named One of the 10 Best Intranets of 2014
1/6/14 - Abt Associates Economist Named Editor of "Evaluation Review" Journal