12/21/12 - New Grants Help Zambia’s Health Ministry Expand the Reach of Local, NGOs
12/14/12 - Community Committees Recognized for Their Contributions to Better Health in Jordan
12/3/12 - Improving Maternal Health and Family Planning in Jordan
11/20/12 - Abt a Leader in New Effort to Control Foodborne Toxins in Africa
11/13/12 - Helping Families After a Disaster
11/5/12 - Abt-led Project Delivers New Diarrhea Treatment Campaign in Ghana
10/23/12 - Stellwagen Lecturer Highlights Opportunities in Environmental Crises
10/12/12 - Observing Global Handwashing Day: The Only Simple Method to Prevent Complex Diseases
10/12/12 - Abt Panel Surveys Inform CDC Flu Vaccination Strategies
9/17/12 - Panelists at Abt-Sponsored Event Agree that Stable Housing is Key to Good Health
9/11/12 - Hammett Wins Vietnam’s Medal for People’s Health
9/10/12 - Harm Reduction Programs Control HIV Transmission among Injection Drug Users in Vietnam-China Border Area
9/10/12 - What Happens to People who Receive Foreclosure Counseling?
8/30/12 - Food Security Project Improves Lives of Rural Bolivians
8/22/12 - What Happens to LIHTC Properties When Rent Restrictions End?
8/14/12 - SAMHSA Wins Award for Recovery Month Website Designed and Maintained by Abt Associates and Partners
8/10/12 - Mexican Entrepreneurs Go Green in Tournament for Environment Solutions
8/8/12 - Abt-developed Tools Improve Pharmacists’ Communication with Patients
8/2/12 - Research, Presentations Deliver New Insights at AIDS 2012 | PHOTOS
8/1/12 - 2012 Annual Review Documents Abt’s Impact, Growth
7/26/12 - Health Systems 20/20 Event Marks Progress in Health Systems Strengthening
7/26/12 - Reducing Risk and Improving Peoples’ Resilience
7/5/12 - Abt-led Hospital Renovations in Jordan Impress American Officials
7/3/12 - Abt’s "At Home" E-Newsletter Focuses on Housing and Community Development Issues
6/25/12 - Photo Contest Winners Show Abt’s 'Real-World Impact'
6/20/12 - Abt Presents Papers at USAID Capacity Building Summit
6/19/12 - Abt Malaria Champion Elected to Roll Back Malaria Partnership Board
6/14/12 - Abt Joins Campaign to Reduce Early Childhood Deaths from Diarrhea
6/11/12 - Nigeria Malaria Spraying Reaches 98% of Targeted Households
6/6/12 - Mentor’s Advice Helps Tanzanian Health Care Office Become More Efficient
5/24/12 - Partnering to Strengthen Health Systems and Build Capacity
5/16/12 - Abt Campaign Wins Advertising Award in India
5/11/12 - SHOPS Electronic Conference Begins Global Conversation on Family Planning
5/10/12 - Building Sustainable Capacity: South Sudanese Chief Executive Says Women Should Have Quality Health Care Despite Challenges
5/7/12 - Abt Associates-Led Work Contributes to Historic Climate Change Legislation in Mexico
5/1/12 - Reports Explore Housing Counseling Programs and Their Outcomes
4/25/12 - National Science Foundation’s International Programs Benefit Students and U.S., Abt Reports Conclude
4/24/12 - Q&A: World Health Organization’s Dr. Shiva Murugasampillay on the Global Burden of Malaria
4/24/12 - Observing World Malaria Day 2012 - Sustain Gains, Save Lives, Invest in Malaria
4/20/12 - Earth Day 2012: A Look at Some of Abt's Work
4/17/12 - Building Sustainable Capacity: Kenyan Professor Says Demand is Strong for New Health Economics Program
4/11/12 - Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Crack Cocaine: Groundbreaking Research Paves Way for Reform of Federal Drug Laws
4/9/12 - Health Systems 20/20 Improves the Health of People Around the World
4/5/12 - In Honor of World Health Day 2012
4/5/12 - Preventing and Ending Family Homelessness through Linkage Models
4/4/12 - Public Health Approach to Vision Care Needed for U.S. Children, says Abt Associates Senior Fellow
3/28/12 - Building Sustainable Capacity: Liberian Health Leader Benefited from Experience with Health Systems 20/20
3/23/12 - Abt Training Helps Doctors in Tajikistan Improve Tuberculosis Treatment
3/21/12 - Water is Life: Abt Project Helps Communities in Bolivia Adapt to Climate Change
3/11/12 - Hospital Renovations Pave Way for Better Care in Jordan
3/8/12 - International Women’s Day 2012
3/7/12 - Abt Associates Recognized for Excellence in Evaluation by USAID
1/25/12 - How Toxic? Abt Analysis Plays Key Role in Annual EPA Report
1/20/12 - Fighting Malaria in Zambia
1/10/12 - Smartphones Help Improve TB Care in Nigeria