12/11/14 - Abt Associates Supports Countries Working to Achieve Universal Health Coverage
12/9/14 - Scaling up Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria
12/4/14 - U.S. Diplomat Lends a Hand with Malaria Prevention in Madagascar
12/3/14 - Challenge Fund Supporting Nigerian Health Care Enterprises
11/25/14 - SHOPS India Showcases Models to Afghan Delegation to Improve Access to Anti-Diarrheal, Family Planning Supplies
11/24/14 - World AIDS Day 2014: Moving Toward an AIDS-Free Generation
11/24/14 - Abt SRBI Joins AAPOR Transparency Initiative
11/19/14 - Accessing Broader Agricultural Markets and Improving the Responsiveness of Health Services in Mozambique
11/7/14 - A Dedicated, Holistic Approach to Strengthening Family Planning Services in Zambia
11/6/14 - South Sudan: Protecting Health Care Gains, Strengthening Farmers
11/5/14 - Improving Programs that Address Infant Mortality and Child Health in the U.S.
11/4/14 - In House: Taking Housing Linkages Seriously
10/28/14 - Community Approach to Care: Reducing Maternal and Newborn Deaths in Zambia
10/21/14 - SHOPS Private Health Sector Assessments Show Paths to Collaboration
10/20/14 - New Reports Explore Medicaid Expansion’s Role in Helping Homeless
10/20/14 - Bridging the Gap between Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance
10/7/14 - Ethiopia Expands Successful Public-Private Collaboration for TB Treatment
10/2/14 - Ethiopian Public and Private Medical Laboratories Achieve National Accreditation
9/30/14 - Panel Examines Use of Evidence to Address Health Concerns in Post-Conflict or Fragile States
9/25/14 - World Heart Day 2014: Improving Care for Cardiovascular Disease
9/23/14 - New Trade Project to Increase African Competiveness in World Markets
9/16/14 - Ebola Expert Says Communication is Vital for Effective Response
9/4/14 - The Newest Family Planning Users in Kaputa, Zambia
9/3/14 - Additional 48 Health Centers in Jordan Receive Accreditation with Assistance of Abt-led Project
8/25/14 - Launching an Alliance to Strengthen Mexican Competition
8/20/14 - Q&A: Going Global with the Gold Standard of Evaluation
8/18/14 - Abt-led Projects in Mali Contribute to Reduction in Child and Maternal Mortality
8/18/14 - SHOPS Business Curriculum Helps Private Health Practices
7/23/14 - Mobile Innovations for Malaria Prevention in Madagascar
7/22/14 - Abt Associates Awarded TASC4 IDIQ by USAID to Improve Health in Africa
7/15/14 - SHOPS Marketing Partnership Increases Sales of Zinc and Reduces Childhood Diarrhea
7/14/14 - Impact Through Photography: Announcing the Abt 2014 Photo Contest Winners
7/8/14 - Programs Aimed at Ugandans’ Health Have Other Far-Reaching Effects
6/30/14 - Abt SRBI Manages New Pew American Trends Panel
6/27/14 - Abt Senior Fellow Addresses Capitol Hill on Teen Driving Safety
6/26/14 - Government Officials Praise Rollout of Electronic Medical Records System in Kenya
6/26/14 - SHOPS Event Illustrates Potential for Mobile Health
6/24/14 - Acting on the Call: Reducing Childhood and Maternal Deaths
6/24/14 - Abt to Coordinate Global Non-Communicable Disease Programs Under New Medtronic Philanthropy Initiative
6/23/14 - Shifting Gender Norms for Maternal Health
6/17/14 - New Frontiers in Evaluation: Lessons for Designers and Funders of Housing Research (Part 1)
6/17/14 - What’s the End Game? Part III: A “Research Surge” to Identify Lower Costs Options for Meeting Rental Housing Needs
6/17/14 - PowerPoints Take a Back Seat for More Engaging Technical Assistance for Homelessness Programs
6/17/14 - National Resource Network Launches to Support Economically Distressed Cities
6/13/14 - Increasing the Resilience of People in Fragile Nations
6/13/14 - Work of Abt Nutritionist Recognized at Global Conference
6/13/14 - Abt Associates Advises USACE on Private-Public Partnership Programs to Maintain U.S. Water Resource Infrastructure
6/12/14 - Abt-Led Research Uncovers Drug Use Patterns among U.S. Arrestees
6/11/14 - Poster by Abt Senior Analyst Wins Award at the PAA 2014 Annual Meeting
6/9/14 - Abt Associates Supports EPA’s Tracking of Climate Change
6/9/14 - Workshop Tackles Challenges of Post-Harvest Loss
6/4/14 - Abt Assists Senegal in Expansion of Community-Based Health Insurance
6/2/14 - Campaign by Abt-led Project in Tanzania Offers Market-Led Solution to Malnutrition
5/29/14 - SHOPS Helps Establish First Alliance of Family Planning NGOs in Jordan
5/28/14 - Abt Continues Involvement in Diarrhea and Pneumonia Prevention by Hosting Working Group Meeting
5/23/14 - Health System Established Pre-Conflict Continues to Benefit the Health of South Sudanese
5/21/14 - A Video, Spanish-language Materials, Singer Mario and Messages of Hope Highlight National Prevention Week 2014
5/15/14 - Abt-led Projects in Jordan Praised during Visit by Abt CEO
5/12/14 - Projects in Tanzania Focus on Health System Strengthening, Government Goals
5/11/14 - Abt SRBI Statistician Kolenikov Elected to American Statistical Association
5/6/14 - Researchers at Joint Abt-APPAM Forum Explore New Frontiers in Evaluation
5/1/14 - Kenya: Abt-led Programs Boost Health System and Food Security
4/30/14 - Abt Associates Applauds Winners and Other Contestants in EPA’s First Middle School Student Climate Video Contest
4/29/14 - AIRS: Protecting 23 Million People and Counting
4/23/14 - Innovation is the Theme of Abt’s Work in Ghana
4/22/14 - World Malaria Day: Investing in a Malaria-free Future
4/21/14 - Ethiopia Disseminates Fifth Round of NHA
4/18/14 - Book Review Heaps Praise on Fighting for Reliable Evidence
4/18/14 - Abt Researcher to Offer Innovative Ways to Enhance External Validity in Social Experiments
4/10/14 - Abt Researchers Offer Peek into Getting Better Guidance from Policy Evaluation
4/8/14 - Abt-led Project Upgrades Emergency Department at Jerash Hospital in Jordan
4/8/14 - Abt Senior Fellow Recognized as Public Health Hero
4/7/14 - World Health Day: Reducing the Spread of Malaria and Other Vector-borne Diseases
4/7/14 - Community Events in Central Asia Raise TB Awareness
4/2/14 - Key Leaders in Ethiopia Engage in Dialogue about Supporting the Private Health Sector
3/31/14 - Malaria Project Expels Mosquitoes from Uganda School
3/29/14 - Abt-led Project Joins Others to Discuss the Changing Landscape of the Private Sector and Family Planning
3/24/14 - World TB Day: Abt Rolls Out TB Testing Innovation in Nigeria
3/21/14 - What’s the End Game? Part II: Helping Residents of Subsidized Housing Make Progress toward Economic Security
3/21/14 - Counting DC's Homeless... Data Became People
3/19/14 - Seeking Cleaner Water and Safer Industry: World Water Day 2014
3/18/14 - Laying Groundwork for Green Prosperity in Indonesia
3/17/14 - Abt Leads Mini U Sessions on Universal Health Coverage, Health Care Financing
3/13/14 - New Directions in Social Experiments Event Kicks off Celebration of Abt’s 50th Anniversary
3/12/14 - Abt Opens Office in Great Britain with Event on Private Sector Health
3/10/14 - 50 Years of Bold Thinking: Innovative Research and Thought Leadership
3/10/14 - Abt-led Project Helps Raise Awareness of Community-based Health Insurance in Ethiopia
3/9/14 - Abt JTA Community Health Programs in PNG Launch New Websites
3/7/14 - Thousands of Users Download EPA’s Latest Edition of eGRID
3/5/14 - Marking International Women’s Day: March 8
2/28/14 - Abt-led Maternal and Child Health Project Transitions to Dominican Republic Government Program
2/25/14 - Portion of Public Housing Agencies Try to Serve Homeless People through Removal of Barriers and Other Methods, Abt Associates Study Finds
2/24/14 - Abt Associates Adult Education Expert Offers Cooperation Strategies at European Conference
2/24/14 - Bikes Donated by Abt Associates Reach Uganda Health Project
2/19/14 - Abt-Led Project Mobilizes a Community for Health Care Services in Kano State
2/14/14 - Abt-led Climate Change Program Launches in Central Asia
2/14/14 - A Healthier Future for Zambians
2/10/14 - Abt Develops Tool to Assess Health Literacy Appropriateness of Patient Education Materials
2/7/14 - Mentoring Strengthens Zambia’s Health Care System
2/6/14 - Abt-led Malaria Project in Uganda Ensuring IRS Sustainability by Training Private Businesses
2/6/14 - Study Reveals Most New Yorkers Consume Too Much Sodium
2/4/14 - Phone Reminder Service Decreases Discontinuation of Contraception in India
2/4/14 - EPA Launches Student Video Contest with Support from Abt Associates
1/31/14 - Safer Alternatives to BPA and Flame Retardant DecaBDE Assessed in EPA Reports Supported by Abt Associates
1/30/14 - Observing World Cancer Day
1/30/14 - Abt Staff Participate in Annual Homeless Count
1/23/14 - Survey: Philly Millennial Surge "Promising but fragile"
1/16/14 - SHOPS Challenge Fund Video Receives Gold Award
1/13/14 - Abt-led Projects in Nigeria Improve Women’s, Children’s Health
1/10/14 - Four Years Later: Rebuilding Haiti’s Health System
1/6/14 - PATHS2 Volunteer Transport Scheme Helps Nigerian Women Access Emergency Obstetric Care
1/2/14 - Abt-led Malaria Project Helps Prevent Insecticide Resistance through Education