Want to Get Ahead in Your Career? Speak Up!

In the first few days of my summer internship at Abt, my department VP told me the best advice he received when he first started working – to speak up. After our meeting, I immediately doodled a megaphone shouting “Speak Up!”, and posted it right next to my computer screen as a constant reminder. Reflecting on my time at Abt, I realized that this little piece of inspiration has far-reaching consequences.

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AAPOR 2017: The Value of Face-to-Face Time in a Digital Age

In 2014, I was working in a small team at an academic survey unit, managing the college's survey lab. I had experience doing a little bit of everything, but was feeling stuck. Did I want to stay in survey research?

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Training Civilian Style: A Veteran’s Perspective on Real-World Impact

Veterans Day is an important observance to honor the estimated 21 million men and women who have served our country. But the importance of veterans is not a one-day affair at Abt Associates.

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