Big Data, Idealism, and Vaporware: Looking Back at Blockchain in 2017 and Ahead to 2018

I've led an interesting life, but my work with blockchain in the last 12 months has been the most interesting period yet. Here's what happened in 2017 in blockchain and what I think will in 2018.

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Staying in Touch with Research Subjects Can Help Prevent Selection Bias in Prospective Cohort Studies

To combat selection bias in long-term studies, researchers need to maintain a cohort of at least 80-90 percent of those who originally enrolled. But this takes time, effort, training, and sometimes a little lip balm.

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NFL’s Carlos Dunlap Tackles Bullying and Promotes Literacy

Recently Abt’s Helga Luest interviewed NFL player Carlos Dunlap about his efforts to fight bullying and improve literacy. He began a campaign after he heard about a bullied child in Cincinnati who took his own life.

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