U.S. Leaves Paris Agreement, so Now What?

There is ample evidence from around the world that technological advances, falling prices for clean energy technologies and the dynamism of entrepreneurs are all helping accelerate the process of transformation in how energy is used everywhere.

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Deep and Wide? Or Wide and Shallow?

We cannot do development differently by adopting a different set of techniques. Change is political. We must engage with the process of change.

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The Role of Public Charter Schools in Career Preparation

Far too few students have access to high-quality, career-focused high school education that can put them on a path to postsecondary credentials connected to high-demand, high-wage jobs. Charter schools could change that.

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Mind the Gap: Strategies for Public-Private Partnerships to Achieve Growth

The world invests approximately $2.5 trillion per year on transportation, power, water, and telecommunications systems. How can public-private partnerships be used as a tool to develop sustainable and reliable energy and infrastructure?

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Accelerating Private Sector Investment for Asia’s Clean Energy Future

I'm here at the Asia Clean Energy Forum in Manila, Philippines, where more than 1,500 leaders from 63 countries are sharing their insights, innovations and lessons learned in our collective efforts to drive a clean energy transformation.

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