Social Entrepreneurs Offer New Thinking on Old Challenges in Early Childhood

For more than half a century, advocates of early childhood development have worked tirelessly to inform parents and policymakers about the importance of children's early years. This work appears to have paid off: enrollment in publicly-funded pre-k programming has nearly doubled since 2002, and a recently released poll indicates that nearly 9 in 10 likely voters in the United States agree that “the years from birth to 5 are extremely or very important to the learning and development of a child.” Early childhood development and education issues are now a key component of the United Nation’s international development agenda, with advocates citing young children as the “common basis for all dimensions of sustainable development.”

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Integrate or Bust: What We Know About Integrated Care and Non-Communicable Diseases

In a recent blog post for the Global Health Council, I write about how the Sustainable Development Goals have made universal healthcare and non-communicable diseases a prominent part of the international development agenda.

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You're a What? A Program Evaluator?

From dinner parties to our children's career days in school, there's a question that invariably comes up when we're asked about our jobs: what do program evaluators do, exactly?

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Abt Associates Supports the Achievement of the Global Goals

Working with Abt means engaging every day with those who are dedicated to improving the well-being of people worldwide in an array of areas including health, climate change, food security and education. And, being part of Abt's activities leading up to and including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals last month added a new level of inspiration for me to continue the type of work we do.

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