Abt Associates Supports the Achievement of the Global Goals

Working with Abt means engaging every day with those who are dedicated to improving the well-being of people worldwide in  an array of areas including health, climate change, food security and education. And, being part of Abt’s activities leading up to and including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals last month added a new level of inspiration for me to continue the type of work we do.  
In New York, I attended events – including Light the Way and the Global Citizen Festival – where I was surrounded by remarkable people as dedicated as I to achieving the Global Goals. And in social media, I was surrounded by other Abt staff that showed their support by picking the goal they felt most passionate about and took a selfie to share with the world. Click here to see their passion and continue the conversation on the #GlobalGoals. 

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Owen W. Wanyanja
Owen Wanyanja from Kenya I support Goal 10 in Africa especially Kenya people lives in extremes,there aneed to bridge the gap between rich and poor
10/14/2016 4:34:50 AM

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