One More Time With Zika: Investment in Prevention Costs Less, Means Better Health

Deborah Klein Walker
Vice President & Senior Fellow, U.S. Health

Christopher Spera, Ph.D.
Division Vice President, U.S. Health
Investments in local, state and federal public health infrastructure are necessary to stop the spread of Zika and other infectious diseases in the United States, as well as address the health outcomes for those who are infected.
In a recent piece published in the Huffington Post, Abt’s Deborah Klein Walker and Christopher Spera write that while there is no one “silver bullet” solution, focusing on prevention is critical before a crisis confronts us. “As the economic leader in the world, the United States can do better in preparing for public health crises and set the direction for other countries,” they conclude.
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For more on Abt's work in Zika visit Global Health Security Threats: Are We Prepared?
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