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Sustainable Materials Management

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Federal and state governments have invested significant resources in minimizing waste upstream and developing effective waste management and cleanup regulations and programs. Much of the regulatory structure for dealing with waste issues is in place. 

Meanwhile, the economy has undergone significant transformations. Shifts in industrial production and consumer demand has changed technology and inspired new products—some relying on environmentally safer processes and constituents, and others introducing untested nanotechnologies. To address ongoing and new challenges, government, industry, and public interest groups are turning increasingly to the concept of sustainable materials management and life cycle analysis.
Abt Associates collaborates with clients to evaluate innovative approaches to materials management, whether they are based on regulatory structures, voluntary partnerships, or other forms of stakeholder engagement, throughout the life cycle of a product. Our experts bring more than 30 years of experience in:
  • all environmental media and industry sectors (including electronic materials and waste);
  • life-cycle analysis and modeling;
  • estimating impacts to human health and the environment, throughout the life-cycle of a product or sector;  
  • working with and leading stakeholder partnerships;
  • economics, policy, science, engineering, and risk assessment; and
  • communication and outreach skills.
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