Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation

Methane destruction facility at the Caieiras landfill outside Sao Paulo, Brazil Climate change presents wide-ranging risks for human health, livelihood, and the environment. These risks can be mitigated by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Reducing GHG emissions in the most cost-effective manner requires a clear understanding of existing and future emissions trends and access to quality information about mitigation options.

Abt Associates assists domestic and international clients in mitigating GHG emissions across major economic sectors. We help our clients understand current and future emissions at the project, sector, and national level by:
  • Designing emissions quantification methodologies and tools that apply the latest science;
  • Developing and maintaining emissions inventories and databases (e.g., the EPA’s Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database; eGRID) that are based on well-established methods; and
  • Developing and implementing emissions monitoring, reporting, and verification systems to measure the impacts of mitigation activities in accordance with established protocols.

In addition, we assist clients in identifying optimal mitigation solutions using a range of techniques, including:
  • Technology assessments that consider emissions mitigation potential, market characteristics, environmental risks, contribution to overall climate change goals, costs, co-benefits, and financing opportunities. We have experience conducting technology assessments related to renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, waste management, agricultural and industrial practices, and carbon capture and sequestration;
  • Policy analyses to help governments and organizations understand the potential costs and environmental, social, and economic benefits of taking action to reduce GHG emissions – for example by adopting clean energy policies;
  • Strategic planning support to help clients design and implement strategies to achieve long-term GHG mitigation goals, such as the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020, which Abt supported; and
  • Capacity building through trainings and information sharing, to ensure that the benefits of emissions mitigation investments are sustained.

Abt also supports efforts to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), which is a key climate mitigation strategy that complements efforts to reduce long-lived GHG emissions.

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