Environment & Natural Resources

Environmental Science

The world’s pressing environmental challenges often require integrated, multidisciplinary thinking. Abt Associates’ team of environmental scientists, engineers, information and data management experts, and other specialists offer deep knowledge, broad experience, and new ways of answering difficult or novel environmental questions.

Our science capabilities, which are wide-ranging and thorough, include:
  • Designing, implementing, conducting, and managing a wide range of laboratory and field-based bioassays, investigations, and other tests to fill key data gaps and increase our understanding of the adverse effects of chemicals and mixtures on numerous taxa including bacteria, algae, invertebrates, fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals;
  • Extensive experience assessing the fate and transport of chemicals in the environment;
  • Advanced capabilities in a diverse range of quantitative modeling disciplines, including applied statistics, hydrology, geographic information systems (GIS), climate change projections, biokinetic modeling, and others; and
  • Hydrologic investigations and assessments, including modeling of flow and contaminant movement in rivers and migration in soil, erosion studies, and groundwater and surface water interactions.