Environment & Natural Resources

Policy and Regulatory Analysis

A trusted partner, Abt Associates has provided key regulatory analysis to federal and state agencies for more than 30 years.

We are the leading provider of economic and regulatory analysis to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other federal and state agencies. We are known for our ability to develop new analytical methods that withstand scientific and public scrutiny and provide complete rulemaking support within tight timetables.

We have one of the largest interdisciplinary research groups — comprised of economists, financial analysts, engineers, environmental scientists, health and environmental impact experts, policy analysts, and survey researchers.

Air and Water Quality Regulatory Support
Abt has helped the EPA develop and evaluate regulations controlling air pollution for more than 20 years. Among our work, we have carried out human health risk assessments for air pollution regulations and developed databases, models, and methods to help EPA estimate the benefits and costs of reducing air pollutant concentrations.

Abt also is widely recognized for our work in improving water quality, including:
  • Our cost-benefit and economic analysis of the impacts of proposed effluent guidelines and water quality standards under the Clean Water Act;
  • Our environmental models to estimate the loss-of-life associated with potential flood events; and
  • Our studies to protect the quality of surface and ground water resources and human health by improving the quality of drinking water.

Public Comment and Response Management
As a principal provider of regulatory analysis for federal and state agencies, Abt is the go-to company to provide efficient, accurate, and timely public comment and response management support.

For example, to manage large numbers of public comments, Abt deploys our expert team and proven online CommentCounts™ tool to help clients achieve their goals. CommentCounts™ is a collaborative web-based tool designed to support the intensive process of organizing and integrating public comments and responses into final rules, programs, and documents in a transparent, verifiable, and thorough manner. 
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