International Food Access & Supply

Agricultural Behavior Change (AgBC)

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Abt’s Agricultural Behavior Change (AgBC) approach removes barriers, leverages incentives, and influences dynamics to ensure people adopt new products, practices, technologies, and policies. Our comprehensive, systematic approach is designed for maximum social and economic returns.

In the value chain context, Abt examines human behavior as a function of complex risk/reward considerations and self-efficacy perceptions. It also considers all the factors that contribute to success and failure.

Using the AgBC approach, Abt develops clear and innovative social analysis to ensure that new policies, technologies, services, and tools are disseminated and consequently adopted by value chain stakeholders. AgBC enables Abt to understand real and perceived barriers—including cultural, technical, financial, and policy—as well as the gender dynamics that stymie or facilitate change.

AgBC applies evidence-based methodologies and tools to design, implement, and evaluate integrated outreach and behavior change campaign efforts. Analyzing the entire value chain using AgBC tools allows Abt to assess quickly ways to remove biases and barriers to change. Simultaneously, Abt improves earning opportunities, promotes food security, and protects the environment throughout the agriculture and agribusiness sectors.