International Food Access & Supply

Agriculture Marketing


From the smallholder farmer, through the wholesaler to the retailer, Abt Associates helps our clients create more efficient trade flows and improve the policy environment in which markets operate. We began developing our approach to improving agricultural markets in the mid-1980s and continue to hone our methods by sharing best practices across the numerous countries in which we work. 

Our approach creates systemic changes within agricultural markets by strengthening the linkages between all stakeholders through B2B forums, trade shows, trade missions, and public-private sector workshops and industry analyses. These tools also offer a platform upon which market opportunities are revealed and acted upon and bottlenecks are identified and alleviated. 

Abt facilitates market development while being careful not to intervene too directly within the value chains and endanger the sustainability of our efforts. Our tools therefore help stakeholders develop their own value chain upgrading plans. We deliver technical assistance and access to finance to help farmers and agribusinesses find end-to-end solutions to improve productivity, develop organizational capacity, use end-market analyses for new product development, introduce value-added processing techniques, and meet private and/or international standards on quality and presentation. We reinforce the sustainability of our work by creating and building the capacity of trade associations and private-sector advocacy groups, who will continue to link sellers with buyers and advocate for continued improvements in the business enabling environment.