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Agricultural Policy

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In all of Abt Associates’ international development work, we encourage transparent, efficient, accessible, and accountable government that fosters sustainable and inclusive economic growth. For the agricultural sector, we help our clients strengthen vital management systems, human resource capacity, and service delivery in key ministries, specialized institutions, and local government. We also assist agricultural stakeholders to influence policies, typically through assistance in organizational development, policy analysis, and advocacy. 

To connect policy to action in agriculture, Abt offers an extensive portfolio of applied and adaptive technical and socioeconomic research, source area and market analysis, public/private dialogue, technical assistance along productive chains, plus capacity-building, monitoring, and evaluation services. Our subject matter experts — in plant and animal agriculture, industry and commodity analysis, cluster and supply chain development, food and animal safety measures, and quality assurance — work with public and private counterpart and client organizations to develop more productive agricultural sub-systems that build improved policy environments for growth and investment.