International Food Access & Supply

Agriculture Productivity


Abt Associates helps our clients create added value for all agricultural stakeholders — particularly small-scale producers and processors. By identifying and adapting global best practices by commodity, production system, scale, and support industry, Abt demonstrates positive change at each step from farm to fork, supported by improved input and technology supply, access to appropriate credit, and ancillary services such as handling, storage, and transport. The effect is more marketable output, greater returns to farmers, and less price volatility. 

Innovation is the cornerstone of such improvement: introducing higher-yielding, more resilient seeds, more sustainable farming techniques, labor-saving animal traction or equipment, better harvest and post-harvest practices, tighter linkages to attractive markets, and compliance with evolving public grades and standards as well as the requirements of private buyers.
Climate-smart agriculture, Good Agricultural Practices, Integrated Pest Management, Good Manufacturing Practices, and HACCP are taught by Abt field staff to help shape more resilient and attractive marketable supply. On the demand side, Abt staff engage directly with buyers to reduce their reluctance to source from small farmers through mutual problem-solving, investment in missing or deficient infrastructure, behavioral change, and capacity-building.

Abt staff work directly with producer groups and trade associations, with governmental organizations tasked with agricultural education, research, extension, and regulatory control, and increasingly with private suppliers of business development services engaged in technology transfer. Abt also works to improve productive infrastructure such as access roads, irrigation and drainage systems, and processing, handling or storage facilities through public investment, or ideally private co-investment.