Food Security & Agriculture

Value Chain Development


Abt Associates helps our clients optimize performance and value at every stage of the agricultural market, from farm to fork, for staple and cash crops. We encourage dialogue among all stakeholders to craft integrated solutions. 

Agricultural products — crops and livestock — add value as they move from field to processing, packaging to transport and finally to markets. At each step, our value chain development approach allows our clients and beneficiaries to increase competitiveness and production, raise incomes, and promote sustainable economic growth and food security for entrepreneurs and the rural poor. We train producers, processors, and others in the newest technologies, improve stakeholders’ business relationships, and increase micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises’ access to credit. Specifically:
  • We help governments assess and reform policies to accelerate agricultural growth;
  • We address each support industry that interacts with a given value chain —packaging and labeling, transport, financial services, certification processes — to ensure users have required professional technical knowledge;
  • We minimize organizational barriers to change in government ministries, agencies, and agribusinesses; and
  • We analyze and address forward and backward linkages that constrain people from adopting new technologies and methods.