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Abt Associates’ research in this field focuses on the ways in which financial literacy, stable homeownership, and other types of asset building can be used to improve the economic advancement and well-being of low- and moderate- income families. Abt’s practice in the areas of homeownership, asset building, and financial literacy spans research, strategic planning, and technical assistance.

Abt’s work in homeownership and economic inclusion includes:  

  • A national randomized controlled trial of the impact of different types of pre-purchase counseling that builds on extensive earlier work by Abt Associates;
  • A study of the fair housing implications of a federal program for modifying mortgage terms for homeowners affected by the foreclosure crisis. This project relies on our years of research on mortgage finance for low- and moderate-income homeowners; and
  • Helping the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation strategically plan its efforts to promote the economic inclusion of households and communities that have been underserved by financial institutions. This effort draws upon our hands-on expertise in designing and implementing asset-building and financial literacy programs.

Senior Abt Associates researchers working in the area of homeownership and economic inclusion include Debbie Bocian, Donna DeMarco, and Kimberly Burnett.

Abt Associates’ Senior Fellow Jill Khadduri on the History of HUD
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Pre- Purchase Homeownership Counseling
Financial Impact of Pre- Purchase Homeownership Counseling
Testing the long-term housing and financial impact of pre-purchase homeownership counseling on low-income first-time homebuyers.
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