Workforce, Income and Food Security

Workforce Development

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Abt is known for conducting research and evaluation projects on workforce development programs and welfare policy for federal agencies, including the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services, and the Social Security Administration. We also work with state-level agencies, local governments, and faith-based and community-based organizations.
Our long history of welfare policy research and expertise was critical in evaluating welfare reform programs in multiple states. In addition to evaluating changes in welfare policies and services, we also studied new benefit-delivery systems, such as systems involving the electronic transfer of funds to clients.
In our current work, Abt is a leader in researching and evaluating workforce development programs and policies. These programs can help enhance productivity by creating efficient labor markets so worker competencies align with employer needs.  As such, many of these are career pathways-type programs that integrate aspects of education and worker training for low-income and/or low-skilled adults. Our research takes into account the globalization of work, an increased emphasis on information- and service-based occupations, and advances in training and educational technology.
Across these topics, our experienced staff are recognized for:
  • Cutting-edge work in designing and implementing experimental and quasi-experimental research designs.
  • Process and formative evaluations that emphasize service delivery effectiveness, process improvement, organizational capacity development, and partnership formation.
  • The ability to find and recruit the most promising programs for evaluation and bring them up to scale.
  • Working collaboratively with practitioners and policy makers to ensure that results are relevant to the field.