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Seeking health care for an unexpected health problem, such as severe malaria or a complicated delivery, can push a family into poverty. The reality is, however, that an appropriate mix of health financing mechanisms -  including innovative pooling and purchasing arrangements - can serve to protect households from the financial risk of illness. The key is to ensure that the different mechanisms are complementary, not fragmented and working at cross-purposes.
Since 1985, Abt Associates’ programs have assisted governments, private sector, and civil society to improve access to health services and financial protection through adequate, sustainable, equitable, and effective financing. Abt staff design, enhance, implement, and evaluate a broad spectrum of health care financing reforms. These reforms, when combined with improvements in service provision, assist countries to move towards universal coverage of quality health services. 

Abt’s team has developed state-of-the art tools and strategies, such as health resources planning, expenditure tracking, how-to manuals on provider payment systems and health insurance, and value-for-money strategies to improve results for the investments - all of which are based on international best practices and successful application in numerous countries.


BOTSWANA: How can a developing country accurately predict the cost and benefits of Universal Health Coverage?

Despite a well-developed medical aid—or insurance—industry, only 17 percent of Botswana has medical aid coverage. As a next step in moving towards Universal Health Coverage, the government of Botswana is exploring options for increasing the number of public sector employees enrolled in private health insurance. Through multiple complex analytical exercises, including fiscal modeling and a nationally representative survey, Abt Associates is working to gather and analyze information on the costs and benefits of expanding medical aid coverage to all government employees. Abt’s findings will provide the Government of Botswana with the evidence necessary to shape the design of new policies and insurance products, correctly estimate costs, and ultimately implement its vision for universal health coverage.
CLIENT: USAID / PROJECT: Strengthening Health Outcomes Through the Private Sector project (SHOPS)

Abt’s Health Expenditure Tracking This snapshot document shows the 55 countries where Abt has supported health expenditure tracking and our technical areas.
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Videos Show Abt’s Health Systems Impact Globally
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HFG Bangladesh
Health Finance and Governance Project

The HFG Project aims to improve health finance and health governance systems in partner countries, leading to expanded access to health care and improved health outcomes.

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