International Health

Other Infectious Diseases

Treatable and preventable illnesses kill millions of adults and children worldwide, despite great gains in developing better drugs and vaccines for infectious diseases in the last century. The spread of tuberculosis, avian and pandemic influenzas, and other diseases can be mitigated with effective surveillance, treatment, and response systems.
To help governments and health systems respond effectively to the challenge of infectious diseases, Abt Associates provides technical assistance, policy analysis, and evaluation services to:
  • Improve immunization programs’ reach;
  • Expand public awareness about disease prevention and treatment and infection control measures;
  • Improve infectious disease surveillance and response systems;
  • Increase treatment uptake and effectiveness by providing better access to services and quality care;
  • Increase spending on infectious diseases control and better align resource allocation with priorities; and
  • Collect more accurate and relevant data for more informed decision-making.

Abt is helping to mitigate the negative impacts of infectious diseases around the world by providing sustainable financing strategies, research and evaluation, and in-country technical assistance.

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