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TB supervision on Africa
The past two decades have seen a resurgence of tuberculosis (TB) as a major global health problem, particularly among poor and vulnerable populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and parts of Latin America. In 2015 an estimated 10.4 million people developed TB and 1.8 million died from the disease, including 400,000 deaths among HIV-infected people, according to the World Health Organization.
In addition, the emergence of multiple drug-resistant strains has made TB more complex and expensive to treat and challenging to cure. Given that TB is both curable and preventable, this simply is unacceptable.
Abt Associates is strengthening national health systems to more effectively prevent, detect, diagnose and treat TB and TB-related disease. Abt’s system-strengthening approach supports a clearer understanding of the weaknesses in national health programs and more effectively and sustainably addresses gaps in TB control on a collaborative country-by-country basis.
Abt continues to support implementation and expansion of TB Direct Observation of Treatment, Short Course (DOTS) and TB/HIV service integration in high-burden countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tajikistan and Zambia.
Our interventions include:
  • Supporting implementation of DOTS to the primary health care level;
  • Developing successful private sector engagement in TB control;
  • Designing low-cost, high-tech solutions to strengthen TB supervisory services and data systems;
  • Helping countries improve multi-drug resistant TB prevention, diagnosis, and treatment through improved clinical guidelines and job aids;
  • Helping countries refine health financing systems to better fund quality TB and TB/HIV services in high-burden countries;
  • Improving health system decision making and governance to prioritize TB and TB/HIV in high-burden countries;
  • Providing skills training or technical assistance to improve local capacity to deliver high-quality TB services aligned with national policy; and
  • Contributing to national policy to support international best practices in TB prevention, diagnosis and care.


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