Maternal, Newborn & Child Health


Abt Associates understands that reducing chronic hunger and improving the nutritional status of vulnerable populations requires a multi-pronged approach involving both food and nutritional security.

Abt helps to improve health by partnering with governments, the private sector, communities, and individuals to improve the nutrition of their food supply and to diversify diets. Abt’s initiatives increase the supply and nutritional quality of available foods; expand access to and demand for quality food through enhanced market systems and health education interventions; improve the efficiency of food handling and storage; and stabilize the ongoing supply of nutritious food for all.
Abt projects champion sustainable agricultural production technologies and diversification to improve food availability. In collaboration with local maternal and child health services, Abt promotes behavior change for improved nutrition practices and pursues opportunities for integrating nutrition counseling into routine health contacts to encourage healthy feeding practices for infants and young children and routine consumption of micronutrient rich foods by all.
Our work includes:
  • Training communities and individuals to improve appropriate nutritional intake by gender and life stage;
  • Opening up new markets for culturally acceptable and affordable nutritious foods;
  • Modernizing food processing industries to include micronutrient fortification of commonly consumed foods;
  • Strengthening clinical service delivery by incorporating nutrition guidelines in clinical services for maternal and child health;
  • Improving nutritional status of children through promotion of hygiene and hand washing and by providing micronutrient supplements to treat nutritional deficiencies; and
  • Reducing the negative impact and incidence of diarrhea in children through the promotion of oral rehydration therapy with zinc.