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A big challenge to engaging the private health sector is getting a clear picture of the actors involved and their capabilities. A private sector assessment can assist donors and other stakeholders in understanding the role the private sector plays in a country and identify areas for partnership and/or programming. 

A typical private sector assessment includes: 
  • Background research
  • Analysis of demand for priority health services
  • Analysis of supply for priority health services
  • Assessment of financing options
  • Assessment of the environment and related policy issues
  • Recommendations on how to mobilize the private health sector to meet priority health needs
Assessments also identify points of strategic investment. For example, Abt conducted an assessment in Namibia focusing on HIV and AIDS that led to increased dialogue between the public and private sectors and the identification of mechanisms to reduce the cost of health insurance.


INDIA: Can we reach more TB patients by changing the service delivery model?


When India needed universal coverage and improved access to TB care, Abt Associates designed and demonstrated the solution. Focusing on urban slums in Karnataka state, Abt with its partner, KHPT, pioneered a model combining outreach for improved awareness, communitylevel screening and engagement of private medical practitioners and public-private partnership. Over the past year, a quarter million people across 42 towns were reached. Mapping and capacity building helped form a network of 800 doctors and health workers. Improved access to certified investigations and adoption of standards of TB care by providers enabled diagnosis of 3,000 TB patients, 18 percent of whom are children. And of those, 11 percent are under age 5.
CLIENT: USAID / PROJECT: Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS)

Assessing and Benchmarking NGOs USAID project selected Abt to develop a web-based metrics-driven tool that affords the analysis of key performance indicator for NGO’s.
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