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RM & E
Demand for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and applied research is increasing in the international health field. Countries that receive aid want to more accurately measure outcomes. Major donors and development partners emphasize that M&E and applied research are essential for maximizing the impact of development assistance.
Abt Associates is uniquely qualified to respond to the call for better measurement of results. Abt is a leader in health systems strengthening and program implementation, as well as a recognized expert in M&E and applied research. We:
  • Develop tools and systems for routine program monitoring of our multimillion-dollar projects;
  • Conduct process evaluations and assessments;
  • Measure impact through the application of rigorous evaluation methods; and
  • Influence program learning and decision making through applied research.
From conducting a randomized evaluation of a health insurance pilot program in Nicaragua to leading qualitative research on zinc for treating pediatric diarrhea in Nepal, our core strengths include:
  • Designing and implementing robust M&E systems;
  • Framing results for action; and
  • Integrating results into decision-management processes.
Abt’s corporate culture includes a dedication to integrity and data quality. Abt is committed to research and evaluation practices that comply with the highest ethical principles and regulatory requirements governing research involving human subjects. Abt maintains its own Institutional Review Board, which conducts prospective reviews of proposed research and monitors continuing research for the purpose of safeguarding research participants’ rights and welfare.

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