Environment, Resources & Climate Change

landscapeAbt Associates is one of the premier providers of analytic support to key environmental agencies. Since 1979, we have contributed to improvements in water quality, cleaner air, safer drinking water, less hazardous chemical products, safer pesticide usage, and less risky dams and levees. We are also analyzing the impacts of, and strategies to mitigate and adapt to, climate change.

Our unbiased, state-of-the-art solutions help ensure that investments in environmental protection provide the greatest possible returns—and, as a result, save lives and restore ecosystems.

Our research and analytic staff consists of economists, scientists, ecologists, engineers, programmers, environmental modelers, and public health professionals. Our clients include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Coast Guard, and Department of Energy, as well as other federal agencies, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations.

Abt also works across the globe. Our international environment and climate change projects are funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, foreign ministries, and select private sector clients.

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Air Quality Regulatory Support

Abt has helped the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency develop and evaluate regulations controlling air pollution for more than 20 years.


Climate Change

Abt Associates addresses diverse issues involved in climate change by drawing upon national and international experts in climate science, energy, transportation, waste, and land use policy, economic growth, human health, ecosystem protection, and agriculture.


Communication & Training

Successful communication is a multi-step process. Abt Associates' communications work for environment, resources, and climate change clients takes into account the client’s goal, the audience’s motivators and incentives, suitable types of materials and delivery mechanisms, and an evaluation plan that includes baseline measurement.

Decision-Support Tools & IT Solutions

Abt Associates develops innovative and data-centered IT solutions that reduce the cost of decision-making while increasing the effectiveness of public access and communication.

Ecological Risk Assessment

Abt Associates has conducted quantitative risk assessments to support environmental policy and regulatory decisions in the U.S. and overseas for more than two decades.

Economic & Regulatory Analysis

Abt Associates is the leading provider of economic and regulatory analysis to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other federal and state agencies. We are known for our ability to develop new analytical methods that withstand scientific and public scrutiny and provide complete rulemaking support within tight timetables.

Environmental Benefits Assessment

Abt Associates provides a wide spectrum of environmental assessment technical services, including ecological and engineering modeling, economic cost-benefit analyses, and regulatory process support for state and federal rulemaking.

Environmental & Natural Resource Modeling

Abt Associates' team of software developers, ecologists, economists, human health risk assessors, and engineers develop and analyze environmental and natural resource models to help guide policy and regulatory decision making.

Facilitation, Mediation and Meeting Management

Our staff—which includes trained facilitators, mediators, and meeting planners—believes the key to effective meetings and outcomes starts with developing clear and achievable objectives.

Human Health Benefit & Risk Assessment

Abt Associates has more than 20 years of domestic and international experience conducting quantitative benefit analyses and risk assessments to support environmental policy and regulatory decisions.

Sustainable Materials Management

Abt Associates collaborates with clients to evaluate innovative approaches to sustainable materials management throughout the life cycle of a product, whether they are based on regulatory structures, voluntary partnerships, or other forms of stakeholder engagement. Our approach relies of quantitative analysis and modeling of human health and environmental impacts – including energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, ozone depletion potential, and toxicity.

Toxic Chemical Management

Abt Associates is the premier provider of economic and policy analysis for national toxic chemical management, offering regulatory support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others since 1987.

TRI Training

Abt Associates has been the U.S. EPA’s primary EPCRA Section 313 - Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Training support firm since 2002. Abt Associates’ experienced TRI trainers provide TRI training directly to facilities via web-based workshops. In addition, Abt Associates continues to work with EPA to develop the official TRI training materials which we use in our training workshops. 

Water Resources

We help protect the quality of surface and ground water resources and human health by improving the quality of drinking water. We evaluate the benefits and costs of alternative water resource management projects for flood control, navigation, water supply, hydropower, and coastal protection.