12/21/15 - Insecticide Switch Yields Better Results Against Malaria in Zimbabwe
12/18/15 - Better Together: National Science Foundation Program Helps Establish, Maintain International Research Partnerships
12/18/15 - Can Stormwater and Graywater Offer Alternative Water Sources? Report Details Possibilities, Risks
12/9/15 - Beth Gamse Named to Editorial Team for Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
12/2/15 - Widespread Use of Fiscal Policies Needed to Transition Asia to a Green Economy
12/2/15 - Abt Bold Thinkers Series Event Addresses Climate Change Financing, Role of Cities
11/25/15 - World AIDS Day 2015: Abt Research and Partnerships Tackle HIV and AIDS
11/25/15 - Partnering with Nigeria to Implement New Technology for a Rapid, Effective TB Response
11/24/15 - Campaign in Jordan Promotes Family Planning, Early Detection of Breast Cancer
11/23/15 - Abt Supports EPA Development of eGrid Database
11/23/15 - Zambia Project Celebrates Achievements in Family Planning
11/9/15 - Survey Probes Barriers to Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
11/9/15 - New Report on Homelessness in the U.S. Shows Progress among Veterans; Increase in Number of Homeless People
11/9/15 - PMI AIRS’ Precautions Prevent Environmental Damage, Ensure Effective Spray Campaigns
11/6/15 - Report Finds Racial Sentencing Disparities Persist in Federal Courts
11/5/15 - Toolkit Aides Peru’s Health System Management Improvements
11/4/15 - Health Systems Strengthening Interventions to Improve Zambian Health Outcomes
11/4/15 - Abt Great Britain Convenes DFID and Partners for a Look Ahead at Meeting the Reproductive Health Needs of Women and Girls
11/3/15 - New Report from Abt Associates Identifies Interventions that Help Struggling Adolescent Readers
10/30/15 - Georgia HSSP Served Crucial Function in Achieving Universal Health Coverage
10/14/15 - Report on Veterans Homelessness Program Finds Significant Progress
10/7/15 - Forum Highlights Impact, Policy Implications of Study on Housing Stability and Family Well-Being
10/7/15 - Aiming Higher: Abt’s Clarissa Peterson Leads Human Resources Into the Future
10/6/15 - Abt Wins Telly Award for SAMHSA National Prevention Week 2014 Promotional Video
10/6/15 - Abt Researcher Advises Students in Prestigious Competition to Solve Early Education Challenges
10/5/15 - Senegal HSS: Implementing Universal Health Coverage
9/30/15 - Abt Housing Expert Writes History of HUD for Agency’s 50th Anniversary
9/29/15 - Challenges of Big Data: Abt SRBI Experts Present Insights
9/28/15 - Health Enterprise Fund Recipients Discuss their Efforts to Serve the Poor in Kenya
9/16/15 - CHASS-SMT: Expanding and Improving HIV Care in Mozambique
9/16/15 - SHOPS Jordan, Malawi Events Feature Successes in Family Planning, Private Sector Collaboration
9/15/15 - New Evidence on the Effects of Housing Assistance on Adult and Child Well-Being
9/4/15 - The Insecticide Cocktail: Finding the Right Mix Requires Research, Monitoring
9/1/15 - Family Planning Day Highlights Progress in Achieving Jordan’s Family Planning Goals
8/25/15 - Central Asia: Twenty Years of Health System Strengthening Delivers Better Primary Care, Population Health
8/19/15 - Using Publicly Collected Data to Support the Service Needs of Low-Income Hispanic Children and Families
8/16/15 - Committed to Achieving Health Impact through Bold Thinking
8/6/15 - Mobile Data Collection Improves Efficiency, Accuracy of Malaria Spray Campaign
8/5/15 - Climate Change Expected to Decrease Household Food Security in Trinidad and Tobago
8/5/15 - Dimpa Careline Increases Contraceptive Continuation Rates in India
7/29/15 - Groundbreaking Report Links Health Systems Strengthening Interventions to Health Outcomes
7/16/15 - PATHS2 Shares Health Systems Innovations and Experiences in Nigeria through Knowledge Fair
7/9/15 - World Population Day 2015: Improving Access to and Quality of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services
7/7/15 - Improving Educational Opportunities: Abt Associates Continues Work Examining Relationship Between Income Status and Placement of Students with Disabilities
7/7/15 - Improving Infection Prevention Practices and Obstetric Services in Private Hospitals in Bihar, India
7/2/15 - Leveraging Mobile Phone Technology to Improve Health Outcomes: Pam Riley
6/29/15 - U.S. to See Massive Benefits if Action is Taken on Climate Change Globally
6/25/15 - Abt Team’s Work on Project to Reduce Infant Mortality Recognized with HHS Innovates Award
6/19/15 - TB Testing Innovation, Photo of Maternal Health Efforts Receive Awards During Annual Abt Project Leaders Conference
6/16/15 - Preserving and Expanding Affordable Housing in Neighborhoods with Rising Rents and Home Prices
6/9/15 - SHOPS Celebrates Five Years of Progress in Family Planning, HIV and AIDS, and Maternal and Child Health
6/8/15 - Revenue Retention Improves Quality of Care at Addis Ababa Health Center
6/4/15 - Nursing Home Compare: Improving Health Care Ratings
5/28/15 - Behind the Numbers: Estimating the Cost of HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program
5/27/15 - Evaluating Incentives to Make Agricultural Markets Work for the Poor
5/22/15 - Location, Location, Location! Measurable Benefits For Residents of Public Housing Developments Located in High-Income Neighborhoods
5/20/15 - Analysis of Neighborhood Stabilization Program shows Mixed Results
5/15/15 - SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week 2015 Features Unique Community Events and New Facebook Pledge
5/13/15 - World Hypertension Day 2015: Raising Awareness, Improving Access to Care
5/12/15 - Abt Associates’ “Doctor Shopping” Paper Earns Award at Upcoming Scientific Meeting
5/8/15 - New Resource Highlights “Pay for Success” Projects Across the U.S.
5/7/15 - Study: Expansion of Hospice Improved Care, Increased Medicare Spending
5/6/15 - Abt Research Study Prompts USAID to Scale-up Distribution of Pregnancy Test Kits through Community Health Workers in Madagascar
5/4/15 - Abt SRBI Keynote Addresses Research Future at NYAAPOR Conference
4/29/15 - Abt Part of Groups Selected by USAID to Provide Technical Assistance in Global Health Supply Chains
4/27/15 - Abt Staffer Has Front Row Seat for Recent Nigerian National Elections
4/23/15 - Integrating Family Planning Services into Selected Private Hospitals in Bangladesh
4/21/15 - Malaria Day 2015: Investing in the Defeat of Malaria
4/20/15 - Earth Day 2015: Abt Associates Grows its Environmental Expertise, Research
4/16/15 - Abt JTA to Help Implement Primary Health Network in Australia
4/8/15 - Judith Alamprese Receives AALPD Partner in Excellence Award
4/7/15 - Ghana Health Insurance Officials Improve Monitoring and Evaluation Skills
4/6/15 - World Health Day: Expanding Public and Private Sector Ability to Provide Better Health Services
3/30/15 - Advantages of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Far Outweigh Health Benefits
3/25/15 - Abt Program Analysis and Evaluation Provides Evidence to Help Fight Hunger among America’s Children
3/23/15 - World Tuberculosis Day 2015: Coordinating TB Services and Universal Access to Health Care
3/23/15 - PMI AIRS Madagascar Officer Works Hard to Ensure Environmental Compliance, Community Understanding
3/13/15 - Making the Most of Limited Housing Funding
3/13/15 - Profile of Maine’s Older Population and Housing Stock
3/13/15 - Abt Leads Mini-U Sessions on Health Systems Strengthening, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, and Non-communicable Diseases
3/10/15 - Decline in U.S. Homelessness Continues According to Abt Report
3/10/15 - Abt’s Risk and Resilience Methods Center Hosts Financial Resiliency Webinar
3/9/15 - New Paper Highlights Health Disparities Faced by People with Disabilities
3/9/15 - Health Insurance Helps Kenyan Family Avoid Medical Bankruptcy
3/5/15 - World Kidney Day 2015: Abt Project Leader Has Personal Motivation to Improve Chronic Disease Care
3/5/15 - PATHS2 Efforts Save Women’s Lives, Improve Health Care in Nigerian States
3/5/15 - Klerman Named to ACF Research Work Group on Welfare, Family Self-Sufficiency
2/25/15 - Environment and Natural Resources Policy Expert Vicky Peters Joins Abt Associates
2/20/15 - EVIRATER™: Rating the Strength of Evidence in Evaluations
2/18/15 - Using Indoor Residual Spraying to Win a Battle against Malaria in Northern Uganda
2/10/15 - Abt Associates’ Bethesda Staff Helps Conduct Homeless Count
2/9/15 - Abt Associates, Partners Launch New Website Focusing on Hispanic Children and Families
2/5/15 - SHOPS Contributes to Evidence Base for Total Market Approaches
2/5/15 - USAID Selects HFG Ethiopia Case Study for Top Ten List
1/29/15 - Nigerian Health Act to Provide Foundation for National Health System
1/29/15 - Abt Collecting and Sharing Best Practices to Improve Public Housing
1/26/15 - Abt Evaluation of Hilton Foundation Initiative Finds Significant Progress on Implementation of Strategies to Reduce Homelessness in Los Angeles
1/21/15 - Abt Public-Private Partnership Event Closes Celebration of Firm’s 50th Anniversary
1/12/15 - Haiti Takes Steps to Rebuild Its Nursing Workforce
1/7/15 - Abt Convenes Workshop on Being Data Driven