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COVID-19 Insights

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly around the globe, accurate and insightful information is at a premium. This COVID-19-related library provides information and resources developed by our experts to address this continually evolving public health situation across many facets: infectious disease research, data science operations, communications, and a range of additional areas.

The Worry of Governance: Coronavirus and Emergency Politics
What happens to governance after the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates? Abt’s Graham Teskey explores some far-reaching questions about the future of government in his blog: The Worry of Governance: Coronavirus and Emergency Politics. Will publics think that authoritarian regimes performed better than democratic governments? Will Emergency Politics enable states to take on new and hitherto unthinkable powers? After the crisis is over, will states emerge stronger or weaker? If stronger, will states use their power to benefit the many or the few? Read more here.

Effective and Innovative Communications Strategies for the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Abt Can Help
In this COVID-19 white paper, Abt Associates highlights the importance of a comprehensive social behavior change and risk communications campaign to curb the spread of the deadly virus. We recommend using proven frameworks and principles that explain how and why people look for and use health information to manage risk of infection. These include message development, audience outreach, research-based campaign planning, partnerships, monitoring and evaluation, strategies for overcoming complacency, and technological solutions. We also provide our substantive experience in infectious diseases, which informs our communications approaches. Read more

Using Flu Research Infrastructure to Understand COVID-19
Can we apply lessons learned from influenza to the current COVID-19 pandemic? If a vaccine is developed, will people be more inclined to get it than the influenza vaccine? If so, why? And how effective will it be in protecting people against infection? Abt’s Danielle Hunt describes how our decade of work on infectious diseases prepared us to address the issues the COVID-19 pandemic presents. Read more

Infectious Diseases Impact Healthcare Workers
Healthcare workers (HCWs) are a pivotal part of controlling the spread of infectious diseases and are at the forefront of the response to emerging pathogens like COVID-19. However, HCWs themselves are at high risk of exposure to these infectious diseases. To protect HCWs, Abt Associates provided the Occupational Safety & Health Administration support in developing an infectious disease rulemaking. Read more

Fighting Malaria in the Age of COVID-19
While COVID-19 is taking center stage, it’s critical to combat other diseases to avoid additional pressure on health systems, so at the urging of the World Health Organization, Abt Associates will continue indoor residual spraying to in 17 African countries to protect 21 million people from malaria. Read more

Conducting Public Policy Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experts Weigh In
The spread of COVID-19 has potential implications for all phases of research studies: design, data collection, and analysis. A new Abt white paper discusses what researchers need to do to maintain quality, rigor, and scientific integrity in research studies while following—and adjusting to—the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Coordinating the COVID-19 Response with Homeless Service Providers
Speed is not the only metric that counts during a pandemic. Coordination among agencies, service providers, and communities can make the difference in slowing an outbreak, especially for the most vulnerable: people experiencing homelessness. In response to COVID-19, Abt supports HUD’s Public Health Disaster Technical Assistance Team, which provides remote assistance to 35 U.S. communities with large populations of people experiencing homelessness. Abt provides needed tools and guidance for Boston, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. Read more

How Can We Collect Critical Data During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
COVID-19 has forced millions of employees to work from home. How can firms like Abt collect data needed to address the pandemic and other on-going client mission-critical data needs? Michael Link, Abt’s division vice president for Data Science, Surveys, and Enabling Technologies, explains how our robust systems infrastructure, preparation for natural disasters and other disruptions, and training on virtual techniques enable us to offer clients services they need even during a pandemic. Read more

COVID-19 Data Visualizations - Data, Infographics, Dashboards, and Models
Websites about COVID-19 are proliferating rapidly. Which are worthwhile? In a special edition of Data & Tech Stuff, Abt’s Gabriel Krieshok describes some terrific data visualization sites that offer accessible, up-to-date information about the pandemic and context for the data. Read more

Lessons We Learned from Previous Pandemics
Abt Associates President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan highlights the lessons Abt learned from our work on Zika and influenza that are applicable to COVID-19: strategic communications, a research network, and research funding are critical for controlling pandemics. Read more

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