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15 Curated COVID-19 Content and Data Hubs

June 8, 2020

There are many COVID-19 related articles, resources, dashboards, maps, datasets, models, and analyses out there. Helpfully, there is also no shortage of committed individuals doing what they can to tame all of the information being assembled to address this global pandemic.

We've distilled some of the key resources that we turn to time and again for new data, new content, and critical updates. These 15 links point to literally tens of thousands of resources related to COVID-19.

1. WeMakeChange - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic—The ultimate list of lists — links to resources for individuals, organizations, developers, healthcare providers, those infected, and more.

3. NPCovid19 - Covid-19 Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resources - Google Docs—A crowd-sourced Google Doc with hundreds of links, well-organized and with a focus on resources geared toward nonprofits.

4. GovLab - Call for Action: COVID-19 Data Collaboratives - Google Docs—A crowd-sourced repository with hundreds of COVID19-related data projects, with a focus on “privacy protection, data responsibility, and overall user well-being.”

5. UN - COVID19 Data Hub—Official UN site with links to official data and very good features of national and global dashboards.

6. Soroushchehresa - awesome-coronavirus: Huge collection of useful projects and resources for COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus)—List of lists in GitHub style, organized neatly into tables and sub-headings. Great data analysis and developer launching pad.

7. WHO - COVID Daily Situation Reports—Daily PDF Situation Reports from the World Health Organization.

8. US CDC - Coronavirus Surveillance & Data Analytics—Official CDC page with data-centric links and resources.

9. CovidTracking - The COVID Tracking Project—High-quality aggregation of lots of various data sources, available in user-friendly and developer-friendly tools.

10. JHU - COVID-19 and Gender Resources - Google Docs—Crowdsourced doc with links to thousands of resources, articles, and links to gender-related COVID19 resources.

12. US Census Bureau - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic—Official US Census site with dashboards, maps, and featured datasets.

13. 80000Hours - COVID-19: Analysis, resources and how you can help—A list of lists—and some great tables on funding resources and careers related to COVID-19 responses.

14. Our World in Data - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research—Data-visualization-oriented page with links to many great visuals and the data behind them.

15. TrendWatching - Covid Innovations—Listing of 800+ innovations related to COVID19 responses grouped by category, including health, education, marketing, and more.

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