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Integrate or Bust: What We Know About Integrated Care and Non-Communicable Diseases

October 23, 2015
In a recent blog post for the Global Health Council, I write about how the Sustainable Development Goals have made universal healthcare and non-communicable diseases a prominent part of the international development agenda.

This could mean that disease-specific, vertical funding and implementation approaches will give way to integrated, systems-based approaches to achieve better health for all. While this is a positive shift, we as a global health community know very little about the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of integrating infectious and chronic disease care. This is especially true for Low and Middle Income Countries.

I argue that the integration of services for non-communicable diseases and infectious disease care will need to be matched by capacity assessment and capacity building, better quality of services, and a stronger body of evidence to address the double burden of disease in developing countries.

Read the full blog post at Global Health Council.

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