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Veterans Day 2015: Giving Veterans Chances to Grow and Prosper

November 10, 2015
I am pleased to be honoring our military veterans this Veterans Day. As employers, we have the privilege of giving our transitioning soldiers career opportunities and hiring veterans is the right thing to do. As Chief of Human Resources, I not only believe in our program, but I actively support the effort.

In 2012, the Obama administration directed U.S. government contractors to hire more veterans, but we already were doing so at Abt Associates. We continue to actively recruit transitioning military personnel to join the Abt team and are proud to have added more veterans to our diverse workforce this year. (Scroll down to hear from veterans who work at Abt.)

Not long ago in my work with the Human Resources Certification Institute, I traveled to Fort Jackson’s U.S. Army’s Soldier Support Institute in South Carolina. While there, we talked to soldiers about the importance of certification, and affirmed HRCI’s commitment to help personnel “translate” their resumes. I told the soldiers at Fort Jackson that I failed my first certification exam. The message I needed them to hear is that while certification is important, don’t lose sight of the journey. That one experience helped me learn so much about my profession and myself, and I encouraged the soldiers to learn everything they can as they go through the transition into civilian life.

At Abt, we are committed to making our company an employer of choice for veterans and military families. We believe former service men and women have training, competencies, and experiences that are very much aligned with our core values here at Abt Associates.

Join me this Veterans Day in honoring our military service personnel and consider making Abt Associates your next long term assignment.

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Veterans Discuss Transitioning to Abt

Brent Edwards, Purchasing Manager, Contracts Department
"The army strengthened my leadership skills, adaptability to change and focus on teamwork. The best teams are disciplined and built on relationships of trust and loyalty. Eliminating roadblocks and enabling people to do their work goes a long way toward improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and creating highly functional teams."

"The mission of Abt Associates is inspiring. Working toward a greater good and knowing I’m having an impact on a global scale is something we should all be proud of."

Nikhil Ghose, IT Project Manager, Information Technology Department, CTC
"While in the military, there are three primary skills that I developed: leadership, evaluation, and project management. After spending a few weeks here at Abt I find that each one of these skills has been able to help me be successful, but leadership has to be one of the most beneficial. To be a good leader you have to be a good follower. After being a leader for so long, I have been able to step back and consider what my leadership might need and be proactive. Also, being a leader improved my communication skills, which has helped me to get along well with everyone that I have met at Abt."

"Coming from the military, everything I had done was in regards to defense and supporting the ‘war fighter.’ I had never been a part of the humanitarian side of the military and always wish I could have helped during relief efforts. When I discovered Abt, I immediately was drawn to the company’s mission and what it seeks to do in the world. Every other company I had interviewed with had been in the tech industry and it was great to have the opportunity to use my skillset in a company where I believed in the product."

Jennifer Brann – Research Assistant, Social & Economic Policy
"The skills that I developed in the military that I believe are most transferrable to my position at Abt would be perseverance, agility, and selfless service. Perseverance is essential for transitioning from a military-style work environment to a civilian work environment. Agility and fluidity is necessary since we work on projects that have similarities but are very different. Selfless Service; it helps to already be in a mindset that you are not out to help yourself, but that it is important that the clients I work with as well as those who I never meet can feel that I am giving each of them more than the appropriate amount of time because it’s important to me and it’s not ‘just a job.’"

"I think the most appealing aspect of Abt before I was hired had to be the culture. It was very apparent from the first contact I had with Abt that the type of people who work here aren’t just doing a job, but are helping to perpetuate a better society. I think that is the most fascinating, thrilling, and fulfilling parts of our positions here."
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