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AgCLIR Mozambique: Commercial, Legal, and Institutional Reform in Mozambique's Agriculture Sector


August 1, 2011

Abt’s USAID-funded Agribusiness and Trade Competitiveness Program (AgriFUTURO) recently analyzed the agribusiness enabling environment in Mozambique to help develop the country’s National Agribusiness Competitiveness Strategy. The Agribusiness Commercial Legal and Institutional Reform (AgCLIR) assessment reviews the legal frameworks, numerous public and private institutions, and social dynamics underlying conditions for reform in the agriculture sector.

The underlying diagnostic exercise draws from the World Bank’s Doing Business initiative, which since 2002 has assisted countries in targeting where their regulatory environments may favor or interfere with economic growth, and investigates how these same issues affect the agriculture sector in a given country. The AgCLIR report provides more than 50 recommendations to improve the agribusiness sector and lay the foundation for increased openness, productivity and competitiveness in the agribusiness sector through dialogue, analysis and action.