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Assessing Changes in Nonprofit Capacity— Outcome Study of the Compassion Capital Fund Demonstration Program

Abt Associates


June 11, 2010
Consistent with ACF’s emphasis on performance measurement and accountability, the agency has contracted with Abt Associates and its partner, Branch Associates, to evaluate the outcomes and effects of the Demonstration program. This report presents the key findings from the Outcome Study, which collected information from NPOs receiving technical or financial assistance services from 44 intermediary grantees initially funded in the 2003, 2004, and 2005 CCF grant cycles. A subsequent Impact Study report will examine participants in the 2006 grant cycle. A baseline survey for the Outcome Study was completed by 1,221 NPOs selected for services by the intermediaries in fall 2005. The survey consisted of 70 questions about basic organizational characteristics, areas of service, and organizational capacity in areas such as financial management, fundraising, human resources, governance, recordkeeping, and community engagement. A similar follow-up survey, asking about services received from the intermediary and other non-CCF funded organizations, was administered between August 2007 and February 2008, approximately 15 months after the NPOs began receiving services from the intermediaries. A total of 835 NPOs completed the follow-up survey for a response rate of 70 percent. Information from the baseline and follow-up surveys allows us to describe the extent of changes in organizational and service delivery capacity reported by the NPOs over the 15-month period.
North America