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Estimating the Costs of Primary Care Transformation: A Practical Guide and Synthesis Report

Melanie Wasserman, Amy Berninger, Jessie Gerteis, Abt Associates


July 1, 2015
This Practical Guide was developed based on the experiences and lessons learned from the 15 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Estimating Costs grants. Final reports for these grants were reviewed when available. In addition, telephone interviews were conducted with each principal investigator in February and March 2015. Interviews focused on clarifying what costs of primary care transformation were estimated; what methods were used to estimate costs; what, if any, tools were developed based on the study; and key lessons learned. Interviews were recorded and transcribed. The information collected from these sources was used to identify successful approaches for measuring the costs of a primary care transformation effort and key lessons learned for the field.

In addition, AHRQ hosted a conference call in July 2015 with the grantees to discuss their advice for other researchers, based on their experiences, to be included in a Practical Guide that would be useful for 1) researchers examining the costs of primary care transformation, and 2) administrators in health care organizations who want to predict or report the costs of primary care transformation efforts.

The intention of this guide is not to provide detailed methodological instructions, but rather to list the key steps in an analysis of the costs of a primary care transformation effort, review the range of methodological options, and describe key considerations for each method. References and appendixes provide additional detail for readers who wish to learn more about each method.

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