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NASA Informal Education: Final Report

Alyssa Rulf Fountain(Abt Associates,) Abigail Jurist Levy(Education Development Center, Inc.)


December 28, 2010
The findings of this evaluation provide descriptive information about all the projects in the NASA’s education portfolio affiliated with Outcome 3 (Informal Education) and selected Outcome 2 (Elementary and Secondary Education) that serve the informal education community. Additionally, the evaluation findings provide detailed information about five specific NASA-selected informal education projects, partnerships, or activities, and pay particular attention to their progress toward stated goals, use of NASA resources and materials, reach into their respective communities, development of strategic partnerships, and sustainability. The variety of projects selected allows NASA to document a range of activities in its informal education portfolio, to better understand their implementation and effectiveness, and to ultimately inform future funding decisions. The evaluation of NASA’s Informal Education Program is also assisting NASA in identifying any practical differences between its informal education and outreach efforts, and determining if any existing redundancies can be addressed. Findings from this evaluation effort will inform NASA’s Office of Education as it reviews its current organizational structure to determine whether the existing composition should be revised.
North America