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Nigeria Private Health Sector Assessment

SHOPS Project


August 1, 2012
This brief is a summary of the Nigeria private health sector assessment conducted by the SHOPS project in 2010. Ananya Price prepared this brief which presents the assessment methods, findings, and the following key recommendations:
1. Expand the supply of quality private sector health services in RH/FP 2. Enhance demand for private sector RH/FP services 3. Create an enabling policy environment for the private sector 4. Ensure effective donor coordination for strengthening the private health sector 5. Support a rigorous research agenda for the private health sector
To increase utilization of all modern family planning methods through the private sector, efforts need to be made by the government and its development partners to effectively link active and targeted demand-creation efforts to supply side strategies, to create an effective policy environment, and to pursue a rigorous research agenda for this sector to reach its maximum potential.
Sub-Saharan Africa