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Pre-Purchase Counseling Outcome Study: Research Brief

Jennifer Turnham, Anna Jefferson


May 1, 2012

 This study and its companion, Foreclosure Counseling Outcome Study, are part of a series of studies on HUD’s housing counseling program. The first report, “The State of the Housing Counseling Industry,” published in 2008, presented the first systematic overview of the housing counseling industry and HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and the clients they serve. The Housing Counseling Outcome Evaluation, the second in this series, is designed to document the circumstances of housing counseling clients enrolled in foreclosure and pre-purchase counseling in the fall of 2009 at a broad sample of HUD-funded housing counseling agencies across the country. The study findings are being published as two separate reports, Foreclosure Counseling Outcome Study and Pre-Purchase Counseling Outcome Study.